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  • We have two extra horses there.
  • But she slipped on an extra diamond ring or two.
  • She needed the extra wall space for her books.
  • The extra third plane was added later.
  • She resented extra exertion without extra compensation.
  • The extra span of the upper plane is also of interest.
  • Special certificate brings 2,000 crowns extra grant.
  • At intervals now he leaned down and pumped extra oil into the engine.
  • This like the others is reinforced by an extra braid at the plug end.
  • You wanted to flay the cook for serving an extra course for dinner.
  • This test to be made by aviator alone without carrying extra weight.
  • The host brought cigars and an extra steamer-chair to the wide veranda.
  • He wanted it served as an extra course with Hollandaise sauce.

How To Use Extra In A Sentence?

  • Meanwhile an extra allowance of firewood has to be procured and the water made hot.
  • But all she could do was limply to pour herself out an extra cup of tea and drink it.
  • Roulette-balls were dropping, and above the faro-table the extra lights were on.
  • I must in fairness add that when extra exertion meant extra money she did not shirk it.
  • Each line shown is provided with an extra jack, the purpose of which will be presently understood.
  • In Kerry in 1815, the farmers had been an extra long time fattening up their pigs.
  • Ah well,' he said, with a sigh, pulling out the extra coppers, 'jist for this once, then.
  • Some one threw an extra rope to Hardy Atkins, and once more they closed in on the outlaw.
  • All of the extra weight must be carried on the engine section and not distributed over the wings.
  • Yasmini coaxes all their stories out of 'em and primes 'em with a few extra good ones into the bargain.
  • Its extra lifting surface gives it remarkable climbing powers without increasing its size as a target.
  • Till now he has but dreamed; now he's going to exist, with so much the more extra impetus.
  • The extra jack associated with each line is merely an open jack having its terminals connected respectively with the two sides of the line.
  • Set instantly that great municipal machinery called the police in action; sell extra editions on the streets.
  • This test will be made with aviator and passenger, extra weight and fuel enumerated in paragraphs 3 and 4.
  • This test will be made with aviator and passenger, extra weight and fuel enumerated in paragraphs 3 and 4.
  • The night bomber is very often a huge triplane, for the extra wing surface gives greater lifting power.
  • Who else but a mother will compute the effect of an extra blanket on a little sweating body, or the lack of one in winter?
  • And if you cared for a second slice, after finishing the first one, the carver felt complimented and there was no extra charge for it.
  • This test will be made with aviator, passenger, extra weight and fuel enumerated in paragraphs 3 and 4.
  • Of course, he had extra links with him, and repaired it quickly, but even then much valuable time was lost.
  • Fortunately each had brought an extra suit of clothes on his journey, and Pep was placed in comfortable trim once more.
  • He signifies his willingness to accept others in place of the Portuguese, provided they make no extra expense.
  • Stroke for stroke, and with a little extra for good measure the Allies beat back their opponents in the air.
  • It hurts, it cripples them, they ride thirty miles to vote against you; it costs you all the extra mileage money to offset their votes.
  • The sea swarms with fish, the woods teem with sago, and cultivation of the clove procures extra wages when any special purpose requires them.
  • Their requirements are great lifting power and great stability, and these, the triplane with its extra lifting surface, best fulfills.

Definition of Extra

beyond what is due, usual, expected, or necessary; extraneous; additional; supernumerary | (dated) extraordinarily good; superior | (Canada, US, slang) over-the-top; going beyond what is normal or expected, often in a dramatic manner
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