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  • These extracts shall suffice.
  • It is useless to multiply extracts to the same effect.
  • Two or three brief extracts we cannot avoid giving.
  • The following two extracts are also of some significance.
  • But I promised to quote some extracts from other letters.
  • No. 7 (1917) a few extracts may be made.
  • With Extracts from his Writings.
  • Some extracts from the well-known Siraj-ul-moluk, pp.
  • I know by copious extracts in reviews, and by some MSS.
  • A few extracts will sufficiently illustrate its character and tendency.
  • The following are extracts from two cases of distinctly different types.
  • He dipped into book after book, reading extracts from them here and there.
  • But as the following extracts will show, there is method in this madness.
  • Long extracts were printed from these journals in the English dailies.
  • The following extracts are taken from the report published by Will.

How To Use Extracts In A Sentence?

  • The author supposes that the first of the above extracts must have impressed him.
  • We here give a few extracts from hymns addressed to some of the gods we have spoken of.
  • These extracts show the growth of certain ideas which we have not noticed before.
  • A few short extracts will place before us all the evidence that it is here needful to adduce.
  • The man who extracts a truth is as much to be commended as the man who extracts a tooth.
  • The extracts in question are favorable specimens, on the whole, of such commodities.
  • It is simple and effective, and extracts coins from too easily pleased holiday-makers.
  • A few extracts from the introduction will suffice to make the German side clear.
  • I will give a few extracts to show the foundation upon which Southern society has been erected.
  • I append extracts from a Swiss appeal to the belligerents on behalf of the civilian prisoners.
  • The above extracts will suffice to show how these Roman Catholic gentlemen proceeded.
  • A few extracts from the great mass of correspondence will lucidly show the nature of the fraudulent methods.
  • In some of the extracts which we shall give, we believe that the language could scarcely be improved.
  • A few extracts appeared in a magazine several years ago, and it was afterwards completed without any view to publication.
  • These extracts are sufficient to illustrate the peculiar character of this popular form of Infidelity.
  • At the same time it is, if we may judge by extracts in the papers, marked by the admirable peculiarities of her writing.
  • But the extracts given in newspapers displease me through the ignoble tone of 'doing honour to the lord,' which is anything but religious.
  • I have done my part if I have induced you by my brief extracts to go back to the original and read the whole of it for yourselves.
  • He formed an Irish library, and copied with his own hand large volumes of extracts from books he could not possess.
  • I send the following extracts from the newspapers respecting Wolfe, scarcely knowing whether it may be worth while.
  • I shall confine myself to a few extracts from Louis Blanc's book on the organisation of labour.
  • There are four pages only which we could wish omitted; we mean those (from p. 432 to p. 436) which contain the extracts from newspapers.
  • Of this period I make one or two extracts from Mary's journal, and then go on to the end.
  • Perceiving Mr. Smith's genuine interest, she read him extracts from almost every one that came.
  • These extracts are all that I can urge in support of the claim of Virginians to be descended from the English gentry.

Definition of Extracts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of extract | plural of extract
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