Extraordinary in a sentence

Definition of Extraordinary

Not ordinary; exceptional; unusual. | Remarkably good. | Special or supernumerary.

Short Example Sentence for Extraordinary

  • 1. It was an extraordinary revelation to me.
  • 2. Everything had to be created by this extraordinary man.
  • 3. Indeed, it was an extraordinary sight.
  • 4. How extraordinary that every one does not think it lovely!
  • 5. Our eyes met perplexed for an extraordinary moment.
  • 6. There are several serious objections to this extraordinary distinction.
  • 7. We shall offer only one remark on this extraordinary hypothesis.
  • 8. They are extraordinary civil to me, and make me very welcome.
  • 9. I had an extraordinary feeling of having come out of things, of being outside.
  • 10. She really thought it another piece of her extraordinary good luck.
  • 11. Unfortunately, his nerves after the year of extraordinary strain were in rags.
  • 12. It is only on extraordinary occasions that the great Purrah meets.

How to use Extraordinary in a Sentence?

  • 1. The only possible answer to this extraordinary conduct was a declaration of war.
  • 2. My suspicions were first aroused by her extraordinary solicitude for my comfort.
  • 3. I will merely advert to the extraordinary calm that pervaded the audience during the first part.
  • 4. In 1909 extraordinary claims were made for this machine and great things expected.
  • 5. What struck one most was his air of extraordinary freshness and health, of sanguine vitality.
  • 6. Yes, they were extraordinary eyes, and they made one feel sympathetic and friendly.
  • 7. Towards evening of October 14th extraordinary vigilance on their part became apparent.
  • 8. Men do not die by scores, hundreds, thousands, without some extraordinary cause.
  • 9. John Bunyan Fouque is an extraordinary combination of names as of characteristics.
  • 10. This little machine, surface only 9 m squared. made an extraordinary sensation in France in 1909.
  • 11. I had remarked that he was always powerfully affected by music; on this occasion he was so in an extraordinary degree.
  • 12. He thought he perceived in me extraordinary talents for the art, and his encomiums awakened all my ardor.
  • 13. The silk gallery was as grand and bewildering as the lace department; and here again were made some extraordinary bargains.
  • 14. This extraordinary circumstance is only to be accounted for by an entire lack of presence of mind in the confusion, or by absolute treachery.
  • 15. If secrecy had been his object, it would have been far more easily secured by his departure at a less extraordinary time.
  • 16. This extraordinary circumstance was regarded by the Ismailites as a miracle wrought by that founder of their society.
  • 17. A chief cause of the extraordinary success of the first Crusaders had been the want of union among their enemies.
  • 18. The loss in this extraordinary engagement, which outstrips and exaggerates the usual vicissitudes of naval service, was of course fearful.
  • 19. Once or twice, struck by his logic and extraordinary faculty for stating cases briefly and clearly, she had vaguely wondered if he were a lawyer.
  • 20. One half sovereign, bent in an extraordinary manner, was found between the metals three-quarters of a mile from the apparatus standard.
  • 21. On the breaking out of these disturbances an old man above seventy years of age gave the Queen an extraordinary proof of attachment and fidelity.
  • 22. The silver bit in its mouth snapped in two, and it was only his extraordinary skill and dexterity which saved the Prince from flying headlong.
  • 23. By this time I had wholly recovered my consciousness, but remained silent, stupefied by the extraordinary scene.
  • 24. How shall we describe the "Incomparable," the extraordinary compound of so many brilliant and repulsive qualities?
  • 25. Of all the extraordinary works carried into effect by London gentlemen and tradesmen, we may fairly adduce this as a pre-eminent example.
  • 26. She worried over Pamela and Henry and me, and took constant and extraordinary pains to keep us from coming into contact with the contagion.
  • 27. The following striking anecdote recounts the extraordinary presence of mind and determined courage of a celebrated Mahratta hunter named Bussapa.