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  • Oswego was a place of extreme importance.
  • She was in a state of extreme agitation.
  • Joan the extreme form of self-confessed vulgarity.
  • The enterprise was, he knew, one of extreme danger.
  • Yesterday I received extreme unction.
  • I showed, when quite a child, an extreme sensibility.
  • The order gave Richard extreme satisfaction.
  • Mr. Cushing advises extreme measures.
  • Standing at the extreme inner edge of the walk was the cornetist.
  • That these extreme ideas did not prosper financially is not to be wondered at.
  • Helen attempted an expression of extreme gravity with more or less success.
  • But our geometry cannot span these extreme points, and reconcile them.
  • We shall endeavour to find the true medium between these two extreme opinions.
  • The extreme simplicity of the circuits of such a set is illustrated in Fig.
  • One race went to the extreme western part of the North continent.
  • Roseen's face betokened extreme compassion for the Spider.
  • In Machiavelli's time it was indeed to an extreme degree one man's affair.

How To Use Extreme In A Sentence?

  • It was a service of extreme peril, and a volunteer was called for to perform it.
  • The extreme width of the aeroplane supporting surfaces must not exceed 40 feet.
  • But to offer mediation, so long as the war was undecided, was a matter of extreme delicacy.
  • By degrees I overcame the extreme shyness that had formerly paralyzed me in her presence.
  • It might have blown off the Sahara, save for the extreme humidity with which it was laden.
  • He moved jerkily, like a man preserving outward self-control in spite of extreme nervous tension.
  • The other lady, who was reclining against the harp, was dressed in the extreme of French fashion.
  • They rushed back in extreme disorder to their boats, crossed the river, and returned to Quebec.
  • If my poor abilities can in any way be employed in your service, what extreme pleasure it would give me.
  • The crushed carbon is then screened with extreme care to eliminate all dust and to retain only granules of uniform size.
  • She cannot be more than thirty-six, but her face is of those on which time leaves no trace until extreme old age.
  • I set about drawing it the same evening, and all the while the pantings of its little heart showed it to be in the most extreme agonies of fear.
  • It is far from the ordinary haunts of man, and was without an official delivery on account of its extreme inaccessibility.
  • He had a profusion of black glossy hair that curled lightly about his head, and contrasted with the extreme paleness of his countenance.
  • The two children, both hard on thirty, indignantly denied that they had anything but an extreme fondness for labor.
  • In this moment of extreme dejection it seemed to Hubert that the writer of the article had told him the exact truth.
  • Wallie went on guilelessly, finding it an extreme relief, after his enforced silence, to have an ear to talk into.
  • I have several times been saved by this mysterious interposition, when I was manifestly in extreme peril.
  • They were indeed at the other extreme of the scale, two active self-centred people, excessively devoted to the public service.
  • The extreme unpleasantness of this idea just prevented my falling asleep; and I roused myself and sat up again.
  • He followed the path down, with the greatest caution, stepping with the most extreme care, to avoid displacing a stone.
  • But his extreme anxiety to save the credit of his author has betrayed him, it seems to us, into an apology which will not bear a close examination.
  • Loring cut the pack into two equal parts, using only the extreme tip ends of his fingers, and shoved them together in the same fashion.

Definition of Extreme

Of a place, the most remote, farthest or outermost. | In the greatest or highest degree; intense. | Excessive, or far beyond the norm.
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