Extremities In A Sentence

Definition of Extremities

plural of extremity.

How To Use Extremities In A Sentence?

  • In all the extremities of war there is no example of courage and intrepidity to exceed this.
  • It is difficult to distinguish the anterior and posterior extremities of the body.
  • The man of the mountain desert dresses the extremities and cares not at all for the mid sections.
  • This is far better to keep the extremities warm, than to take spirits into the stomach.
  • The men experienced pain in their ears, noses, and the extremities of their bodies.
  • A lemon, with its extremities spread out, appears before all eyes without being injured.
  • Fragment of a long, chipped, knife-like implement, the extremities of which are lost.
  • The extremities consist of a single cord, the middle part of 4 heavy, compactly-plaited cords.
  • The elastic strip of steel, C, is fixed by one of its extremities to a stationary support, d.
  • CUSP, the extremities of the crescent form of the moon or an interior planet.
  • Length of fish, 6 ft. Depth, from the extremities of the large fins, 7 ft. 4 in.
  • POLES, the extremities of an imaginary line on which a celestial body rotates.
  • Men say the same things in the same extremities now that have been said millions of times before them.
  • In his heart of hearts he laughed scornfully at his landlady and the extremities to which she might proceed.
  • Had they, on the other hand, any sufficient grounds for proceeding to further extremities against her?
  • It is the removal of this secretion which causes the emaciation of the face and extremities of a person recovering from a fever.
  • The tangents at the extremities of any diameter are parallel, and parallel to the conjugate diameter.
  • Those filaments stick together because of their viscous nature, and at their extremities adhere to the rock.
  • It is seen to be more or less detached from the rest of the cartilage, to which it is adherent by one of its extremities only.
  • Finding himself able to live in the greatest extremities of love, he concludes the torrid zone to be habitable.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Extremities | Extremities Sentence

  • The extremities she exhibited were not prepossessing.
  • His extremities were already cold.
  • The other extremities dragged on the ground.
  • At the last extremities the boy pleaded for mercy.
  • Its extremities were cold, its nostrils were inflamed.
  • People came to this solemnity from the extremities of the earth.
  • In them the extremities were particularly strongly developed.
  • There should be no bleeding until the skin and extremities become warm.
  • Monstrous figure with serpent shaped extremities 63 59.
  • Monstrous figure with serpent shaped extremities 63 58.
  • Perez glanced down at his blue-yarn extremities in blank astonishment.
  • These ended in complex extremities consisting of five jointed fingers.
  • In finishing, some of the extremities seem to have been shaped by hammering.
  • It is only at its extremities that it is falling to pieces, as in dry rot.
  • If the extremities are cold, apply warmth and friction to them.
  • This decision was exceedingly unfortunate, as it led to extremities at once.
  • The sides are five or six quarters of an ell deep; the extremities compressed.
  • We shall choose examples of them from the two extremities of Egypt.
  • Linguiform: tongue-shaped: linear, with the extremities obtusely rounded.
  • Formerly, it was confined to one of the farthest extremities of Paris.

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