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How To Use Extricate In A Sentence?

  • You have had a friend, who has exerted himself with success to extricate you from it.
  • I do not see how the wisest prince under such necessities could be able to extricate himself.
  • I know that such a condition is morbid, and hope to extricate myself from it in time.
  • It took us a whole week to extricate ourselves and all that time we had to just sit on that boat.
  • Hydrogen is free in the form of water but expensive to extricate by means of the electric current.
  • It may be asked why more civilized methods were not employed to extricate these valuable animals.
  • What man could do to extricate himself from his unfortunate position, the dean did.
  • The question is, can we extricate the better elements from this tangle of passion and prejudice?
  • It took him some time to extricate himself, and meanwhile the pursuers drew closer.
  • We at length outflanked the train, but still failed to extricate ourselves from the labyrinth.
  • The bull struggles to extricate himself from the darts, and perhaps one falls to the ground.
  • Cranley made one weak automatic movement to extricate himself; then he sat perfectly still.
  • So many fell on top of Shorty that he was unable to rise and extricate himself.
  • It was then that I appeared upon the scene and managed to extricate him from his dilemma.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Extricate | Extricate Sentence

  • Who could extricate her?
  • But how shall we extricate ourselves?
  • Why then will you put it out of my power to extricate him?
  • Even if she would she could not extricate herself.
  • Then he began to try to extricate himself.
  • What could the old fellow do to extricate himself?
  • He could see no way to extricate himself.
  • But he found himself unable to extricate his feet.
  • The animals step upon it and extricate themselves easily.
  • How was it possible to extricate themselves from their terrible predicament?
  • It was not an easy matter to extricate herself from the crowd.
  • You are just in time to extricate us from a most inconvenient situation.
  • And how beautifully it would extricate her from her wretched situation!
  • Deck was studying up some way to extricate the wagons from their miry plight.
  • He would not have given his friend money to extricate him from any difficulty.
  • She would not trust her newly acquired fiance to extricate himself.
  • Balchen was caught in the wreckage, but managed to extricate himself.
  • It remained therefore for him to extricate her, if he could.
  • In vain did the tot struggle to extricate herself from beneath the wreckage.
  • He saw the gulf to which he was hurried, but could not extricate himself.
  • She lay on her back, struggling vainly to extricate her foot from the stirrup.
  • And does the Socinian extricate himself a whit more clearly?
  • I am willing to do what I can to extricate you from your situation.
  • Would to Heaven he may have the will and power to extricate us!
  • Luckily they were able to extricate themselves and Beaman steered in to us.
  • A sudden thought struck me how I might extricate myself from his clutches.

Definition of Extricate

(transitive) To free, disengage, loosen, or untangle. | (rare) To free from intricacies or perplexity
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