Extricated in a sentence

Definition of Extricated

simple past tense and past participle of extricate

How to use Extricated in a Sentence?

  • And he extricated a five dollar bill from his diminishing bankroll and tendered it.
  • She extricated a hand from the folds of the poncho and swept the errant hair from her face.
  • He was extricated by pulling down the rails, and accepted my apologies stiffly.
  • He deftly extricated from one of the large sleeves a can of soup, and held it triumphantly aloft.
  • The boy, with the assistance of a Bushman, extricated his master and laid him upon the earth.
  • This street, as I afterwards found, tended to Schuylkill, and soon extricated me from houses.
  • I took my station at the stern, and quickly extricated the boat from its neighbours and from the wharves.
  • After much difficulty the coach was found, but could not be extricated from the hollow into which it had got.
  • Sooner or later his vigilance is circumvented and the metal that he has extricated by the fiery furnace returns to its natural affinity.
  • But what would riches have availed me, had the evil befallen me from which that godlike man extricated us?
  • However, they were extricated with no damage done, as our provisions were all securely soldered up in tins.
  • Hunt had extricated himself from this cataclysm with difficulty, almost like a man lifting himself off the earth by his bootstraps.
  • Cautiously he extricated himself from the brush-heap, his heart pounding wildly at the snapping of each dry twig.
  • Sylvia extricated herself from her lover's arm with a heightened color, and nodded gravely.
  • Channing, all his fatigues forgotten, very carefully extricated himself from among the slumberers and followed.
  • Having, with considerable difficulty, extricated himself, he found it impossible to proceed any further.
  • Good luck, as well as management, extricated them from the results of a commendation like to cost them much.
  • Everything around us recalled former scenes, and tears were in the eyes of my bride as she gently extricated herself from my arms.
  • On one occasion he succeeded in getting half his body through a ventilating hole in his prison, from which he was extricated with great difficulty.
  • But she extricated herself, and hurried past the little man so quickly and impatiently, that he lost his balance and fell down.
  • By this time Frank had extricated himself from the wreckage and began to assist the others to regain their feet.
  • And having had his hair cut, and extricated his companion from a street brawl, he hired a motor and drove into the country.
  • It extricated the seeds by means of rollers, crushing them between revolving cylinders, instead of disengaging them by means of teeth.
  • Somewhat clumsily Lindsay extricated the leather case, cursing his awkwardness and the patience of the man.
  • Mr. Masterson was somewhat discouraged, and extricated himself from the interview with what polite speed he might.
  • The people remained in them, subsisting on the provisions they had in store, for the space of two days, until they were extricated safe and sound.
  • Maisie extricated herself from the depths of her box, and handed a pile of stockings to Lettice, her younger sister.
  • The drawing wriggles with which its huge length extricated itself were horrible, yet I dared not turn my eyes from them.
  • I extricated myself from his clutches and endeavored to make my retreat; but I was confounded by his cries of thieves! and robbers!
  • With difficulty Mr. Meech extricated himself from the corner to which the pressure of so many guests had relegated him.
  • Then he extricated himself from the cold, sodden blankets, climbed upon the bank, and began cautiously searching about, with his weapon ready.
  • He let his two friends ramble on, both overjoyed at the good fortune that had extricated Father Ryan from his dilemma.

Short Example Sentence for Extricated

  • Ralph soon extricated the chair.
  • It was only with great difficulty that we extricated the pony.
  • We left him to be extricated by his friends who had got spades.
  • He soon extricated himself, and then they heard nothing more of him.
  • By this means every man extricated himself and followed his own drum.
  • Once he had fallen in, no swimmer ever extricated himself from its thickets.
  • She hesitated, but her mother wit soon extricated her from the difficulty.
  • It was late before I extricated myself from unknown paths, and reached home.

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