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  • It will make the man so exuberantly happy.

How To Use Exuberantly In A Sentence?

  • And the children of the Parsonage, thrown on themselves and on each other, were exuberantly happy.
  • She drew him toward her on the low lounge, and exuberantly babbled on about the comfort, the delight his confidence had brought her.
  • It mattered not to Jackman or Barret what they did or where they went; the first being exuberantly joyous, the other quietly happy.
  • Joy seems to be felt more vividly and more exuberantly by men who have sinned much, than by men who have grown up consistently from childhood with religious education.
  • The parliamentarian had caused his hair to be exuberantly curled that morning, and figured to advantage in a plum-colored coat and a saffron waistcoat sprigged with forget-me-nots.

Definition of Exuberantly

In an exuberant manner
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