Exuded In A Sentence

Definition of Exuded

simple past tense and past participle of exude

How To Use Exuded In A Sentence?

  • One might say that some pounds exuded from the eyes in the course of three weeks.
  • It exuded tantalizing odors, until Fernet thought he would go mad with longing.
  • Mrs. Alston was full of praise, but she exuded an imperial distaste for his sick-room.
  • Here they were left an hour or so until all moisture had exuded from them, proving that the worm had been dried up.
  • She exuded bone-weariness at me, looking more like an overmediated guest than a tireless castmember.
  • These fir trees had a sort of sticky, balsamic juice that exuded plentifully from them wherever they were cut.
  • Let them set for an hour or two, and then take them out, saving all the juice that has exuded from them while in the pitcher.
  • To kill them we were wont to pinch off the head, and when all the blood had exuded the flesh remained white and delicate.
  • He was polite enough; and he exuded a number of sounds that made a fair stagger at arranging themselves into language.
  • If the sheets are allowed to hang overnight, the presence of the exuded matter may be detected also by its odour.
  • This he examined as minutely as possible by the dim light of the loophole, peering through the keyhole, from which exuded a faint odor of gasoline.
  • A bundle of pine twigs furnished him with the torch he needed, as from them exuded a resin which, once inflamed, gave forth a brilliant light.
  • As it is, with dry heat even, the amount of colour exuded by a good stick during this process is quite enough to stain the hands a deep purple.
  • But the eye of the speaker caught a look directed by Regnar at the roof of the hut, from whence exuded a few drops of a blacker resin.
  • What pious souls call holiness exuded from every pore: cast-down eyes, chaste deportment, gentle movements.
  • Each house had exuded its own smell across the pavement, so as one went along one sampled a variety of Spanish household odours.
  • The cuticle is, originally, a transparent fluid, exuded by the blood-vessels, and distributed as a thin layer on the surface of the true skin.
  • They were scoring the poppy capsules with vertical scratches and scraping off the exuded juice which had bled from the incisions they made yesterday.
  • Sometimes in the case of thick sheets which have been subjected to pressure so much of this matter is exuded as to form a thin surface slime which is distinctly evident to the touch.
  • She was licking up the "honey-dew," which, translated, is the juice exuded by the plant-lice or "green-fly," which swarmed all over the rose-trees.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Exuded | Exuded Sentence

  • A clammy sweat exuded from his forehead.
  • He exuded ideas at every pore.
  • A savoury steam exuded from the flesh-pot.
  • The Victor still exuded the Tango.
  • But this exuded a subtle poison which deprived him of his senses.
  • As a consequence their pictures exuded a new freedom of arrangement.
  • The secretion constantly exuded and hung in great globules to the tiny lids.
  • His garments, in an advanced state of senility, exuded cinders at every pore.
  • They kissed him and he exuded sovereigns as a stroked APHIS exudes honey.

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