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  • Her eyebrows arched again.
  • She raised her eyebrows in some surprise.
  • Her eyebrows rose a little.
  • Her eyebrows were more raised than ever.
  • She raised her eyebrows at his entrance.
  • He raised his eyebrows inquiringly.
  • Her inquiring eyebrows were raised in mockery.
  • His heavy eyebrows were drawn together.
  • The first girl raised her eyebrows in surprise.
  • Philippa's eyebrows were raised.
  • Theodore raised his eyebrows in his favourite supercilious fashion.
  • Judy's eyebrows went up in surprise.
  • Helen's eyebrows went up in lofty resentment.
  • Those eyebrows alone ought to have been enough to give her away.
  • Bob raised his eyebrows a little, and was again attentive to his pipe.
  • Deane's eyebrows came a little closer together.
  • His eyes were greenish, and he had dark eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • His handsome eyebrows arched themselves, and he half smiled.
  • Her eyebrows were raised, and her expression was one of mild surprise.
  • The vicar lifted his eyebrows questioningly, and the surgeon shook his head.
  • The Major's eyebrows lifted.
  • The Major's eyebrows shot up in pained surprise.
  • The Girl's eyebrows fairly tiptoed to reach his meaning.

How To Use Eyebrows In A Sentence?

  • His eyebrows are carefully penciled and there are artificial shadows under his eyes.
  • He shrugged his shoulders and raised his grey eyebrows with an expression of regret.
  • The eyebrows were painted with indigo and were made to meet in a point on the bridge of the nose.
  • There were traces of powder on her cheeks, and her eyebrows were certainly not natural.
  • The eyebrows are not only elongated with indigo, but are made to meet across the nose.
  • Her arched eyebrows rose with nervous twitches and her deep contralto voice rolled sonorously.
  • The seaman twisted his eyebrows into a complex form, and seemed uncertain how to proceed.
  • He raised his eyebrows with a gesture of regret, sighed, but hazarded no remark.
  • Pinkey raised his eyebrows and regarded Wallie attentively as he continued to nibble.
  • Her eyebrows were gently raised, the corners of her mouth quivered, her eyes fell.
  • It was no use wrinkling her eyebrows at Judy or trying to evade her direct questions.
  • She raised her eyebrows with an expression of surprise, for she saw that I was in earnest.
  • Grief raised his eyebrows questioningly to McMurtrey, who frowned back his own disgust.
  • Ben Jolly arched his eyebrows in an inquiring way and Randy looked Pep over sharply.
  • Their places taken, they, with eyebrows rais'd, Sit patiently, and fain would be amaz'd.
  • Even the way she raised her eyebrows made him warm all over with a sense of guilt of something of which he was ignorant.
  • He shrugged his shoulders and arched his eyebrows in a kind of protest, which was nevertheless not denial.

Definition of Eyebrows

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of eyebrow | plural of eyebrow
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