Eyed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eyed | Eyed Sentence

  • Milly eyed him dubiously.
  • She eyed him sharply.
  • Raskolnikoff eyed him savagely.
  • Dunstable eyed him sorrowfully.
  • He eyed her appreciatively.
  • Dave eyed the speaker keenly.
  • Davenant still eyed him pensively.
  • He eyed the end of his cigarette gravely.
  • Nora eyed the great man doubtfully.
  • The constable eyed them coldly through the grating.
  • Now the people of the desert town eyed him askance.
  • My grandfather eyed the house curiously as he approached.
  • For a moment the pirate chief eyed the lad angrily.
  • The superintendent eyed him, but made no response.
  • Even Dobson eyed him wonderingly.
  • He espied Jack and eyed him askance.
  • Mr. Orban eyed the boy kindly.
  • Van Alen eyed the big bed curiously.
  • Miss Chase smiled as she eyed the great big fellow.
  • Once in the kitchen, Anne eyed the big basket shiveringly.
  • Whispering Smith eyed Dicksie benignly.
  • The Youngish Man eyed her with some amusement.
  • He paused and Dixie May eyed him curiously.
  • Eustace eyed her with a quietness that somehow irritated the girl.
  • At the outside door he turned now and eyed me a bit shamefacedly.
  • O'Mino eyed him with astonishment.
  • Pinkey eyed Wallie critically as they waited together on the seat.
  • As Mr. Gibney luffed into view the king eyed him with suspicion.
  • McCloud stood up, and Whispering Smith eyed him and put questions.
  • Harrigan eyed his own spotless flannels and compared them with the other's.

How To Use Eyed In A Sentence?

  • The two men eyed each other a little more respectfully than they had ever done before.
  • The two shook hands and eyed each other with the appraising scrutiny of friends of long standing.
  • Outside the house a large crowd of people had assembled, who eyed me with surprise and curiosity.
  • Lloyd eyed the title and his face showed frustration, as his voice rose in annoyance.
  • Before your vehemence Ladykin winced back against the rock and eyed you fearsomely.
  • The duke eyed Courtlandt through the pall of smoke which he had purposefully blown forth.
  • Lumley eyed the horse with a quick furtive glance, and then looked at Gray again.
  • The goat, perceiving my approach, eyed me suspiciously, and stepped back a little way.
  • The United States has since been eyed with suspicion by its weaker Southern neighbors.
  • She and the Judge eyed each other guiltily, as Judy sank down on the bench and stared at Perkins.

Definition of Eyed

Having eyes. | Having eye-like spots. | (in compounds) Having the specified kind or number of eyes.
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