Eyelash In A Sentence

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  • An eyelash from his eye?
  • Not an eyelash quivered.
  • Throw an eyelash over your shoulder.
  • Put a loose eyelash on the back of your hand.
  • A beautiful eyelash is an important adjunct to the eye.
  • Line for line, eyelash for eyelash, look for look.
  • Joe Hurley did not flicker an eyelash nor move a finger.
  • But she could not answer by a lifted eyelash the veiled fondness of his tone.
  • Fiftieth and fifty-fifth days, closing of eyelid at touch of eyelash (103).

How To Use Eyelash In A Sentence?

  • Though a mere gnat, it sat on the very eyelash of society and seemed a monster.
  • He was as quick as an eyelash and lithe as a panther, and yet Grey almost laughed aloud.
  • The nester did not by the flicker of an eyelash betray the presence of a third party to the man at table with him.
  • What were these men whose iron discipline bound so fast that they could be pelted to death, and no eyelash seem to quiver?
  • Many are called after some particular trait; for example, "Timare of the lovely toes," and a pretty eyelash is a title to public fame.
  • She pressed his hand, and a tear that had gathered on Die Vernon's eyelash found its way to the young man's cheek.
  • They want to tie up the markets and stop the dairy trains, and they won't wink an eyelash if all the babies that don't belong to them are without milk.
  • The two men looked steadily at each other, neither of them flinching, neither of them betraying by the movement of an eyelash the emotion that sent the blood to their faces and the wrath to their eyes.
  • Neither of us even flickered an eyelash toward the shadows behind us, where Dudley must be crouching, anything but dead, with Baker beside him.

Definition of Eyelash

one of the hairs which grow along the edge of eyelids
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