Eyes In A Sentence

How To Use Eyes In A Sentence?

  • The child turned from me with a fierce gesture, but her eyes were now swimming in tears.
  • Her large gray eyes were shining in the rosy firelight and her face was sweetly serious.
  • This brought the light into her eyes again, and she held up her golden head very bravely.
  • Hours and hours passed, and when she opened her eyes her maid stood over the bed, looking at her.
  • He was still there, leaning upon the score, with his hands upon his face, and his eyes hidden.
  • The tiny mouth trembled, and the large, prominent eyes reflected a strange, yearning soul.
  • The familiarity of the words struck her, and she saw by the kindling tenderness in his eyes that they had given him pleasure.
  • Julia took her eyes from her husband's face, and looked dreamily into the fire.
  • If we raise our eyes to such a source of virtue, its intrinsic lustre and beauty seem to fade from our view.
  • I looked up wistfully at him, among the basses, and endeavored to persuade him with my eyes to come down.
  • Her cheeks were tinted with the crisp air and her eyes were dancing with the brisk walk home through the Park.
  • There of course we braced ourselves and marched past, and turned our eyes sharply to the right as though we had never left the barrack square.
  • And when I left her she was standing quietly by her piano; nor did she raise her eyes to follow me to the door.
  • They turned wild eyes of anguish and reproach towards me whenever I waited to see how they were getting on.
  • Despairing eyes rest on a thatched booth at the roadside, containing a row of bottles hung up by a string, with the bamboo tube for coins.
  • The words thrilled her a little, but all the while she saw Emily's eyes and heard her voice.
  • Motionless she lay on the sofa, looking at the grey November day with vague eyes that bespoke an obsession of hallucination.
  • Now, if there had been no such thing as sin, the compassion of God would have been forever concealed from the eyes of his intelligent creatures.
  • And as Patricia's eyes filled with grateful tears, he rose, holding out a hand to her.
  • Rosamond dropped her eyes in a way that meant yes, and Patricia flew to bend over her and whisper her grief at finding her so ill.
  • Lydia lifted her eyes and made them very round; but as I was put to bed directly, nobody heard any more of me that night.
  • A few more steps, and, with his eyes on the parlour door, Hubert had reached the rug at the foot of the stairs.
  • She had a hard time not to cry out with the pain of this horrible fear, and the kind eyes of the experienced Tancredi caught her despairing look.
  • He was a little old man, almost hunchbacked, with small mud-coloured eyes and a fringe of white beard about his sallow, discoloured face.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eyes | Eyes Sentence

  • Rosamond had her eyes open.
  • Patricia sprang up with her eyes alight.
  • Her eyes closed and her lips trembled.
  • Those piercing eyes recalled us.
  • Those strange eyes of hers quite upset me.
  • I could not believe my eyes for a long time.
  • And his wistful grey eyes were full of interrogation.
  • She again gazed at me brightly, her eyes swimming.
  • He looked quite white, and his eyes sparkled.
  • Constance nodded, but her clear eyes showed she understood.
  • She raised her face to his; her eyes were full of tears.
  • Good-looking, straight nose, eyes bright and intelligent.
  • Judith nodded, with her searching eyes on the crowded streets below.
  • Then her eyes opened, and they told of sickness now in motion within her.
  • Emily made no answer, but sat still, her eyes fixed, looking into space.
  • He directed that one of his own eyes should be put out, and one of his son's.

Definition of Eyes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of eye | plural of eye
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