Eyes On In A Sentence

How To Use Eyes On In A Sentence?

  • He had fixed his eyes on the captain.
  • I never set eyes on.
  • She kept her eyes on the door.
  • And my father fixed his eyes on me.
  • They will never lay eyes on them again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eyes On | Eyes On Sentence

  • Keep your eyes on him.
  • Keep your eyes on it.
  • They have their eyes on this land.
  • Never set eyes on him before.
  • He kept his eyes on her.
  • She fixes her eyes on his.
  • Then she turned her eyes on me.
  • Keep your eyes on the conductor.
  • Never set eyes on her.
  • She turned her eyes on me.
  • She has her eyes on the youngsters.
  • Eyes on a dark patch.
  • Kape your eyes on the floor.
  • I fixed my eyes on it.
  • Again she kept her kind eyes on him.
  • I have not laid eyes on him since.
  • She sat with her eyes on his as he spoke.
  • You shall not set eyes on me again.
  • He never laid eyes on her again.
  • The boy kept his eyes on hers.
  • I have been all the morning feasting my eyes on them.
  • Guildea turned his eyes on his friend.
  • I never laid eyes on.
  • Keep your eyes on that strip of woods.
  • I had never set eyes on him before.
  • Watzdorf cast his eyes on the floor.
  • I ever laid eyes on.
  • Raymond sat with his eyes on the floor.
  • And all stopped and turned their eyes on her.
  • He now cast his languid eyes on me.
  • Then he would set eyes on her no more.
  • He kept his eyes on the path.
  • Then he fixed his great eyes on them.
  • He did not open his eyes on my entrance.
  • I have not laid eyes on him for a week.
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Eyes On in a sentence

Eyes On sentence

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