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  • And the air is like some fabled elixir of life.
  • Like the fabled fruit, they crumble to ashes in your mouth.
  • As well chase the fabled island as a flock of wild geese.
  • The fabled queen of love. SONG.
  • The mansion was such a one as spectres are fabled to inhabit.
  • Then she told all about her disguise as the fabled and famous prince.
  • It seems to run like the fabled machine of perpetual motion.
  • Hydra is fabled to be the hundred-headed monster that was slain by Hercules.
  • Dave Farber, ARPAnet pioneer and fabled Internet guru.
  • The Greeks fabled that Venus was born of the foam of the sea.
  • The Eagle is fabled to have been the bird that Jupiter kept beside his throne.
  • Mackenzie had heard, too, of the fabled great River of the West.
  • A fabled Muse may suit a bard that feigns: Friend of my life!
  • Alas for Crophi and Mophi, the fabled fountains of Herodotus!
  • If Lord Brougham fabled in 1799 or in 1862, he did so to make a "sensation".

How To Use Fabled In A Sentence?

  • One by one she could appraise her own possessions, and those they fabled of her.
  • The fabled lotus-eater wished never to leave the isle whence he had plucked it.
  • The latter as jealously guarded the entrance to forbidden ground as ever did fabled dragon of old.
  • In the hour of their greatest need he had been more cruel than any fabled Shylock.
  • Among the numerous legends of the Rhine many have reference to the same fabled creature.
  • He saw Peru with its riches; he saw fabled Cathay; he saw the uttermost isles of the distant sea.
  • Determined, silent, on they rode, and on, Like fabled Centaurs, men and steeds seemed one.
  • His eyes were fastened upon me with something of the fabled fascination of a serpent's.
  • But even when some particular ghost or spirit has been fabled into awe-striking magnitude, systematic worship is not necessarily present.
  • It is more like a fabled tale of ancient days than the history of an American citizen of the nineteenth century.
  • An existence unimaginably rich, vistas that receded into an almost fabled past, opened and spread before her glamourously.
  • Similar, too, are the legends of the fabled founders of some, to whom so many of the civil and religious institutions of the city were ascribed.
  • Beauty chime in, as it were, with the fabled music (not fabled to the soul), which led you on as one entranced?
  • In the fervency of admiration, their poets fabled that Apollo had lent them his lyre, and inspired them with his own spirit of harmony.
  • The first were those of whom it is fabled that Juhwerta Mahkai let them escape thru a hole in the earth.
  • A great voice, sonorous as that of the fabled giant calling for his evening meal of an Englishman, rent the air.
  • Had he stumbled upon a remnant of that powerful people whose fabled empire had been drowned ten centuries ago in the cold waves of the Atlantic?
  • Under these names is blazoned a fabled monster of classic origin, half man, half horse, holding an arrow upon a bended bow.
  • The fabled scene of thy renown we trace, And hail, with thronging thoughts, thy hallowed resting-place!
  • There may be something in the fabled power of the human eye to cow a savage beast, but unfortunately it will probably never be satisfactorily demonstrated.
  • Red and green troops were pouring through the dismantled gateway, their horses surging over the ugly ground-rifts and debris as if possessed of the fabled wings.
  • Madame had only to walk in any garden to pick brooches from flowers, and find rupees at will, like the fabled tree that yielded whatever was asked of it.
  • She hurried him from city to city like the fabled apostate, and at length fell sick in London, on the eve of their return to America.
  • Thus eastward we are within forty-eight hours of your press, while westward we are nearly as many days distant by private conveyance from the land of fabled wealth.
  • All the fabled beings who, according to the ancient mythology, filled the spaces and waters, were but human creatures adapted to imaginary environments.

Definition of Fabled

Known only in fables; fictitious. | Made known by fables; legendary, famed. | simple past tense and past participle of fable
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