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  • Conviction sat on the faces of all.
  • Familiar faces were missing.
  • Smiling faces were turned upon us.
  • Terror now blanched the faces of the fallen conspirators.
  • All the faces had in them something dismayed and cruel.
  • It was curious to watch the faces of those who read.
  • All round the rim faces of clocks were stamped.
  • I still remember the effect of their faces upon me.
  • In the dim light their sweaty faces appeared ghastly.
  • Then faces grew pale, and all jeering ceased.
  • No faces are averted, no one suspects my social standing.
  • Bats, fantastic faces of, 38, 39.
  • Every house on the block had faces staring out of windows by then.
  • So our hearts were often heavy and our faces grave with fear.
  • The darkness left only the white outline of their faces visible to each other.
  • Friends with grave faces and an atmosphere of infinite tact invaded us both.
  • By St. Patrick, then, you'll make wry faces on the road.

How To Use Faces In A Sentence?

  • Their faces still wore a smile, but there was a melancholy earnestness in their eyes.
  • These faces are then highly polished and the utmost effort is made to keep them absolutely clean.
  • It cut and lashed our faces as we crouched flat upon the deck, clinging where we could.
  • Hubert did not answer; and, turning their faces homeward, they walked some way in silence.
  • The soldiers, with blackened, swollen faces and tongues, were fainting with thirst.
  • Beryl noticed that the sadness in their faces was akin to that of Time, with one exception.
  • Their worn, anxious faces beamed with delight as Lord Eltonville rose to distribute the prizes.
  • Sir Guy de Laval looked full in our faces as he spoke these words, and what could one reply?
  • After this they are turned and ground so as to be truly circular in form and to present absolutely flat faces toward each other.
  • One could scarce see the faces and figures in the shifting throng for the wonder of this blaze of colour.
  • The latter hesitated in the midst of the cut and looked around with querulous misgiving at the faces of the others.
  • The evening twilight cast red and lilac patches through the painted windows on the faces of those who are now entering.
  • Even the naming of a high rate and the jingling of a bag of rupees in their faces would not make them raise the above figure.
  • The guerrillas' faces were as white as chalk, and they began to beg for their lives.
  • I have no need to look at any with misgiving lest their bright faces should owe their brightness to excess in intoxicating liquors.
  • Then the bells ring out joyfully, and the churchyard is filled with expectant faces of old and young.
  • Some had drunk deep, and some were unshaven, so that there were suspicious faces enough in the assembly.
  • It flashed upon the stern ancestral faces on the wall, and through their dust evoked a look of life.
  • We talked of the splendid world of men that might grow out of such unpaid and ill-paid work as we were setting our faces to do.
  • The most anxious suspense was legible in the faces of all present: they did not know whether the jest would end seriously or the reverse.
  • I perceived by the tense and expectant faces of the people that Simmons was behind me willing me with all his might.
  • He finds them all crowded on the deck-house forward, in their shiny oilskins, with faces like sick men.
  • In his nervousness, however, the chauffeur started the car with a jerk, and many faces moved in their direction.

Definition of Faces

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of face | plural of face
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