Facets In A Sentence

Definition of Facets

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of facet | plural of facet

How To Use Facets In A Sentence?

  • He was too immature to argue that there might be different facets to the selfsame truth.
  • It appears they have facets on the bones, fitting them for the sitting posture.
  • Ocular tubercles: in Aphids, are a group of prominent facets on the hinder part of each eye.
  • The fun of a statesman, cut in facets like a diamond, is sharp, sparkling, and full of sense.
  • Post-retinal: the fibres arising from the facets of the compound eye and extending into the ganglionic plate.
  • He held out the pin, turning it over reflectively as the facets of the gems caught and flashed back the light from the hall brackets.
  • The upper facets consist of two excrescences separated by the mid-dorsal line; the lower ones have not this divided appearance.
  • The upper facets consist of two excrescences separated by the mid-dorsal line; the lower ones have not this divided appearance.
  • But I do claim that they are facets of a very important problem and one to which we are paying far too little attention.
  • Dead white no longer, its dry, crystalline particles glitter in myriads of diamond facets with every colour of the prism.
  • Some are sharp-cornered, with facets determined by chance fractures; some are round, polished by friction under water.
  • The gold glare touching up the millions of facets of chiseled stone, created color and brilliance too glorious and intense for the gaze of men.
  • Its many facets were smooth and polished; they made mirrors, many of them, for the earthlight reflected from the crater mouth.
  • With this dust, and a machine which he invented, he cut two facets on another diamond, which he triumphantly exhibited to the old jeweller.
  • It seems hardly possible that these facets could have any other origin except by transmission after being acquired by ages of use of sitting posture.
  • There were so many facets to his nature that he could make interesting contacts with all sorts of folk, those of the forest as well as those of the closet.
  • The disparate elements of Godwin's dilettantish existence suddenly fell together as neatly as the facets of a Rubik's cube.
  • The beams of the house and its snow-laden roof looked as if they had been hewn out of a block of opal, with iridescent lights where the facets caught the silvery moonlight.
  • Then he realized that the level rays of the sun made the whole entrance to the saloon, with its several facets of glass, a thing of dazzling opaqueness.
  • Burlingame, an intimate, often exposed for Kitty's delectation the amazing and colourful facets of Cutty's diamond-brilliant mind.
  • Or the effect might be compared with the myriad shafts from the facets of a jewel, vibrating brilliance in all directions, while the jewel itself remains immovable, the center of its own rays.
  • The man obeyed, and forthwith large pieces of burning paper were dropped into the chasm, bringing its rocky facets and roughly-hewn cells and recesses into view to those above.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Facets | Facets Sentence

  • Latuscula: the facets of the compound eye.
  • The question merely confronts us with two other facets of itself.
  • The eyes are compound, the single facets forming a sort of heap.

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