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  • Could not you facilitate the thing for me?
  • Fred's ready way of imparting instruction did much to facilitate his progress.

How To Use Facilitate In A Sentence?

  • The simplicity of the orthography would facilitate the learning of the language.
  • The purpose of the clearing-house is largely to facilitate the transfer of credits.
  • The book was furnished with a very complete index, to facilitate prompt reference.
  • He began to break branches and to clear the trunk, in order to facilitate the ascent.
  • By giving a good direction to the forces, we will facilitate the rise and freedom of the bound.
  • The change may, however, facilitate admission into the service to well-crammed boys.
  • Could it facilitate the transmission of our news-cablegrams to New York or Chicago?
  • He decided that he could facilitate his labors by erecting a church at some point accessible to his parishioners.
  • We learned in the last lesson that commercial drafts are made use of to facilitate the collection of accounts.
  • So classified and arranged as to facilitate the expression of ideas, and assist in literary composition.
  • On the completion of a set of hanks the reel is made to collapse and thus facilitate the removal of the yarn.
  • It is not alone to facilitate intercourse and give a sense of solidarity that the possession of an universal language is to be desired.
  • In order to facilitate reference and to diminish the necessity for footnotes a survey of classes and phratries is here given.
  • To facilitate this object, she even went so far as to purchase a girl for whom she fancied he had an affection.
  • Such as are well known will however be helpful to all, and will facilitate the discovery of those yet hidden from us.
  • The membrana tympani serves to facilitate the transmission of sounds, and also to moderate their intensity.
  • Nothing more was necessary except to shake up the mixture in order to facilitate the process of solution, and the medicine was ready.
  • To facilitate the extraction from the system of mercury, nitric-acid has been recommended by those who have heretofore instituted this treatment.
  • The mechanics were turning the propeller round to suck the gas into the many cylinders, to facilitate easier starting.
  • They had nothing of the kind but worthless epitomes made to facilitate the passing of University examinations.
  • In this way it would be quite unnecessary for any field coolie to enter the factory proper, and this would facilitate cleanliness.
  • This would greatly facilitate the union of the two countries, hitherto kept asunder by the natural waywardness of mankind.
  • The third is to prepare and facilitate the way for a descent by distracting the attention of the English Government.
  • Use a saucepan that is scoured bright, add the flour to the cold milk and then stir to dissolve, using fork or wire whip to facilitate the process.
  • To facilitate an exchange of freight a short connecting link had been built by both roads between Center and Millbank.
  • Miss Desmond accompanied us into the cellars, and as far as she showed any feeling at all, apparently wished to facilitate my task.
  • To facilitate the arrangement, a brother and a sister of the eldest son would not marry, but the latter espoused a sober damsel of Ardennes.
  • He asked me whether I was a correspondent, and I confessed to it, but it seemed only to facilitate the affair.
  • Every invention and device of applied science was brought into requisition to facilitate the work of the reporters and to enable them to get their work quickly to their home offices.
  • The heaping up of the nuts for some time after harvest favors some milk absorption, which seems to facilitate the subsequent easy extraction of the endosperm.
  • If Great Britain, therefore, loads her manufacturies with heavy taxes, will it not facilitate these measures?
  • The terminal wires of both windings of each coil are brought out to terminal punchings on one end of the base-board to facilitate the making of the necessary circuit connections.
  • To facilitate this endeavor, limbs up to one inch in diameter carrying cages are sometimes cut off so the squirrels can attack more conveniently from the ground.
  • We walked up to our knees in mud and water, to find the least variation in the depth of the water so as to facilitate our exertions, but it was to no purpose.
  • But until ingenuity could devise some machine which would greatly facilitate the process of cleaning, it was in vain to think of raising cotton for market.
  • Thereafter it was decided to abstain from further attempts to take the fortress until our siege guns could be placed and a preliminary bombardment could sufficiently facilitate the task of the besiegers.
  • It would also tend to facilitate and stimulate and increase the general business of the place, and this would in turn increase the business of the post-office.
  • He has attached me to his legation, to facilitate my access to other courts and the society of other cities, and to free me from all delays and annoyances at frontiers and custom-houses.

Definition of Facilitate

To make easy or easier. | To help bring about. | To preside over (a meeting, a seminar).
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