Factional in a sentence

Definition of Factional

Of, pertaining to, or composed of factions.

Short Example Sentence for Factional

  • 1. The factional fights are having the same result.

How to use Factional in a Sentence?

  • 1. The factional life is mediative and instrumental; the personal life is initiative and purposive.
  • 2. The bitterest factional strife in the history of the London adventurers soon followed.
  • 3. He minded his own business and avoided all the factional disputes with which the neighborhood abounded.
  • 4. And what the factional fights are doing to it is just breaking up the monopoly and letting knowledge free again.
  • 5. A tendency toward factional alignment at present characterizes the radical movement which has been sweeping over the country.
  • 6. We are losing all moral prestige in the eyes of the world, with our small jealousies and factional struggles for power.
  • 7. Sociologically as well as logically factional differences are, as has been suggested, wider and sharper than individual or personal differences.
  • 8. All this while, remember, the old allies of Russia had preserved a studied neutrality toward the factional fight in Russia.
  • 9. One story dealt with the recent factional fights inside the American Association for the Advancement of Medicine.
  • 10. Yet their comradeship was very sweet, quite real; the factional lines were not drawn according to salary or education or family, but according to gaiety or sobriety or propriety.
  • 11. Again, factional life, like that of corporations, lacks soul; it tends to become formal and mechanical and in the sense that this indicates it is static.