Factitious In A Sentence

Definition of Factitious

Created by humans; artificial. | Counterfeit, fabricated, fake.

How To Use Factitious In A Sentence?

  • His mind turns towards combinations, arrangements, legal or factitious organisations.
  • There is indeed possible the unsympathizing factitious calm of Art, which we find in Goethe.
  • We have shown the factitious value of this concession, which as a consequence only increased opposition.
  • It is not made to express complicated and factitious sentiment, nor terrestrial and vulgar sentiments.
  • The very dislike his wife inspired gave a factitious importance to him and his affairs which they certainly never possessed before.
  • But far beyond the factitious influences derivable from such sources, he had great elements in himself.
  • We saw the picture out of its frame, and down against the wall, and saw no factitious unnatural effect, nor any black and white.
  • It is an anticipation of the factitious gloom of Byron, not of the nerve-shattered gloom of Dostoevsky.
  • Many thousand pipes of spoiled cyder are annually brought hither from the country, for the purpose of being converted into factitious Port wine.
  • Jewels as a portable form of concentrated costliness have been in favor from the earliest ages, but now they are losing their factitious value through the advance of invention.
  • Such a relation is dangerously factitious and unnatural; and the practical moral is that the less said at home about specific family affection the better.
  • But if this unity that is imposed upon him is a factitious unity, if there are in nature only essentially dissimilar beauties, art deceives and lies to us.
  • There is no occasion to import factitious bitterness into the tragedy, which was born in prejudice, suckled in suspicion, and reared to its foul maturity on hatred.
  • The mob is factitious sentiments and as used to listen to us who pay much eloquence as sincere it for its attention and Christians find in their obedience.
  • Kirkwood, perplexed, put the pipe in his pocket, and assumed a factitious look of resignation, regarding her askance with that whimsical twist of his eyebrows.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Factitious | Factitious Sentence

  • Factitious climate, factitious position.
  • The fourth is the common, or factitious linga.
  • A factitious taste had taken the place of honest and simple likings.

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