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  • My fader washee washee for you.
  • Ven your fader goms you can pay if you please.
  • Of what hous be ye, by your fader kin?
  • Massa him Nando him fader and mudder.
  • Min Fader haabede næppe at se mig mere.
  • Ogsaa Kaptajnens Fader var med.
  • Min Fader var dengang 9 Aar gammel.
  • The name of Peter Fader is found also in MS.
  • My ol' fader was de factotalum den.
  • He got grown-up son, who look after dem while him fader away fighting.
  • Samba him fader hab got plenty more wives, sah; must be chief some day.
  • I wyll not go that lothe journaye, Not for the fader that bygate me.
  • I wish you would call now and then, and take Nelly Fader with you.
  • I Dag er Fader da endelig rejst tilbage til sin yndige Rigsdag.

How To Use Fader In A Sentence?

  • And ic will yeet aelc child by his fader yrfnume, aefter his faders daege.
  • My fader give it me, and his fader give it him, but now who shall I give it to?
  • I was a li'l boy den, an' I see my ol' fader wid my own eyes, suh, standin' thar's bold's Peter.
  • Ein fader Geruch war in der Luft, von Pulver, zu vielen Menschen, stehendem Blut.
  • Kbhavn 1786-1789), blev Fader til Generalprokurør, Konferentsraad Tage Algreen Ussing.
  • De Yanks took 'm, suh; dey took 'm, and deh major he tell my fader to show 'm whar deh plate was.
  • Wort ab von seiner mystischen Verbindung mit dem Unsichtbaren, wodurch er immer blutleerer, flacher und fader wurde.

Definition of Fader

comparative form of fade: more fade | A device used to control sound volume.
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