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  • And they stuck faithfully to these policies.
  • Keith promised faithfully that he would.
  • I faithfully promised to return and claim her as my own.
  • I promise you faithfully that it sha'n't happen again.
  • We did very continually and faithfully serve our joint career.
  • Only she could know how faithfully she had guarded and delivered them.
  • However, the good man had sown the seed faithfully and kindly.
  • Jason gave his promise freely, faithfully to do what Adam had asked of him.
  • But faithfully he kept his watch at the hospital, and Gabriel lived yet.
  • During the long, hot days that followed Sandy worked faithfully at the depot.
  • Keaeh Buzoorg Oomeid trod faithfully in the footprints of his predecessor.
  • A fac-simile of this inscription was faithfully delineated by Mr. Geo.
  • No, Sir, I faithfully assure you, my reserve is owing to no such causes.
  • I footed it out to Baxter's tents, faithfully as to a shrine, each afternoon.

How To Use Faithfully In A Sentence?

  • Never has a pledge made by a nation under such circumstances been more faithfully carried out.
  • Every effort has been made to replicate this text as faithfully as possible.
  • He copied nature so faithfully as to reproduce his subjects in all their ignobleness.
  • Now she came to see him faithfully and reported every effort that was being made.
  • Therefore frankly and faithfully examine your important opinions before giving them expression.
  • It is only mentioned here on account of two lions, which were faithfully studied from nature.
  • The lady burst into tears, and promised faithfully that she would never be unwell again.
  • The passions, love and hate, are carefully analyzed and faithfully described.
  • How faithfully you, a young and gracious girl, have stood at your post and performed your duties.
  • It was an order from the unknown person whom I had promised to blindly and faithfully obey.
  • During the summer Sandy worked faithfully to make amends for his failure to win the scholarship.
  • And I promise you faithfully that I shall be all the days of my life your knight.
  • While the Pony Express failed in a financial way; it had served the country faithfully and well.
  • She decided what to occupy herself with, and then devoted herself faithfully to the prescribed occupation.
  • There was always one ceremony that had to be faithfully performed, no matter how sleepy he might be.
  • He is often a man who labours conscientiously and faithfully at an accomplishment, the exercise of which has become pleasurable to him.
  • They believe that, according to his lights, he exercises faithfully what he considers to be his prerogatives.
  • The religion of a race is the truest expression of its character, and reflects most faithfully its attitude and aims and policy.
  • He had promised her that if she stood by him faithfully in this business he would take her with him to Haiphong or some other place.
  • Yet, when he rose, every idea that he had tried so faithfully to put into shape fled from his brain.
  • A part of which stipulation is hereby kept, with the promise of the writer that the remainder shall be faithfully fulfilled in forthcoming numbers.
  • I place the most implicit confidence in his faithfully transmitting to posterity what I have imparted to him for this purpose.
  • And it must have been; every morning for eighty-nine days the gaudy music box faithfully played the tune over and over again.
  • He was sent while still a novice to the missions at Buayen, where he labored faithfully and zealously until his death.
  • When he died, I came into possession of his property, and the good-will of those whom he had most faithfully served.
  • Both societies were organized to issue the Bible without note or comment, and both have faithfully labored to promote its circulation.

Definition of Faithfully

In a faithful manner. | (US) A conventional formula for ending a letter, used when the salutation addresses the person for whom the letter is intended using an honorific.
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