Falconer In A Sentence

How To Use Falconer In A Sentence?

  • Then quite suddenly he turned and flashed at Falconer a look of odd and unforeseen decision.
  • Miss Falconer stirred; there was room for the fifth chair between her and Arlee.
  • Sharp jealousy of her defense of the American intruder drove Falconer to unseemly curtness.
  • He heard Falconer calculating that the boat would touch again at Luxor for the next Friday night.
  • The grand huntsman of the court was Herr von Leibnitz, the grand falconer the Count Moszynski.
  • But it was characteristic of Falconer when once committed to a plan not to open his mind to the objections which besieged it.
  • Sharply Falconer pulled himself together, in the tense effort to meet this horrible astonishment like a man.
  • He did not blame Miss Falconer for turning haughtily aside as he and his vivid companion went past them in the veranda.
  • I wonder if you and Miss Falconer would let this be my tea party?" he suggested.
  • Miss Falconer drew out of her bag the especial knitting which she reserved for the Sabbath, and her fingers flew with expressive spirit.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Angus Falconer Douglas-Hamilton, 6th Battalion, Cameron Highlanders.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Falconer | Falconer Sentence

  • The greatest falconer you ever knew, my life!
  • Miss Falconer was still bargaining.
  • Robert Falconer would enjoy that!
  • In silence Falconer followed.
  • Stolidly Falconer eyed his departing back.
  • Miss Falconer looked as if she doubted her own eyes.
  • Miss Falconer tried another angle.
  • Robert Falconer had accompanied him back to the hotel.
  • Miss Falconer looked up, a trifle startled.
  • How right Robert Falconer had been!
  • But Miss Falconer had one more question for him.
  • Robert Falconer was watching that table, too....
  • Mr. Falconer of Washington rose in reply.
  • With falconer and huntsman, he sought the mysteries of wood and river.
  • And when Falconer heard about that, his suspicions were over.
  • With one hand on the door Falconer paused to stare back at him.
  • She heard Falconer draw his breath with a queer, whistling sound.
  • The fear that Falconer was in the palace alone made Billy desperate.
  • In the morning I hire three men-at-arms from Hubert le Falconer for myself.
  • Now Falconer was an honest young man--and a gentleman.

Definition of Falconer

A person who breeds or trains hawks or other birds of prey for taking birds or game. | One who follows the sport of fowling with hawks.
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