Fall Into In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fall Into | Fall Into Sentence

  • Towns and counties fall into it.
  • Libau will fall into our hands.
  • Books fall into neglect.
  • Something might fall into it.
  • He will fall into the entry.
  • Let all who fall into your hands be at your mercy.
  • If we went on we should fall into their hands.
  • Assuredly he will fall into it before many days.
  • He expected that she would fall into them.
  • How came you to fall into their nest?
  • Let all who fall into your hands be at your mercy.
  • You would only fall into some trap.
  • So the lovers fall into the background.
  • They saw him fall into the spring.
  • Grant that this day we fall into no sin.
  • I certainly fall into his views again!
  • Some of the ashes fall into the sea.
  • You are lucky to fall into such a chance.
  • In short you fall into hopeless contradiction.
  • These studies will fall into three classes.
  • She was sorely tempted to fall into his arms.
  • So she made him fall into a deep sleep.
  • He would fall into some dreadful abyss.
  • Why do you fear lest he fall into sorrow by so doing?
  • Let a few drops fall into a glass of water.
  • Imports would fall into four classes.
  • He came out of the dust to fall into the mire.
  • You must soon fall into our hands.
  • Then they seemed to fall into a condition of apathy.
  • Why did the men leave it where she could fall into it?
  • I let myself fall into a great leather armchair.
  • The best fall into the hands of the worst men.
  • When those trees fell they would fall into the ravine.
  • Men often fall into the trap which they prepare for others.
  • Why did she fall into painful and even piteous confusion?

How To Use Fall Into In A Sentence?

  • Why, now you fall into your auncient vaine.
  • He did, and it was a natural thing to fall into talk.
  • The little boys will insensibly fall into right habits.
  • The plays after 415 fall into two main divisions.
  • I know it is a bad one, but we all fall into it.

Definition of Fall Into

(transitive) To go into something by falling. | To enter a condition or state, especially a negative one. | (idiomatic, transitive) To enter something (especially a profession) without having planned it.
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