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  • These are existences that do not fall under the senses.
  • They fall under three heads.
  • Some few penitential drops fall under the gallows.
  • These methods fall under two principal heads.
  • One might get jostled off, and fall under the wheels.
  • All forts must fall under 'their' artillery.
  • The French "Memoirs" also fall under this category.
  • I am the first Crittenden to fall under the line in a century.
  • In German fairy-tales, the knights often fall under such an enchantment.
  • Such a system appears to fall under the condemnation of the Holy See.
  • Again, generalisations got by Simple Enumeration, fall under this Fallacy.
  • These will fall under four heads-- 1.

How To Use Fall Under In A Sentence?

  • The lines that fall under none of the five types enumerated are comparatively few.
  • Already the early autumn leaves were beginning to fall under the freshening breeze.
  • Those who are creditors, and those who are debtors, fall under a like discrimination.
  • If he be content to use his muscle blindly, he will probably fall under his own harrow.
  • In short, all these spring and midsummer festivals fall under the head of sympathetic magic.
  • In False Analogies (which fall under this Fallacy) there is no pretence of a conclusive induction.
  • Stenovics had got rid of King Sergius only to fall under the rule of Dictator Stafnitz!
  • Who are they who are held to consider and solve all questions, and how did they fall under this duty?
  • It is evident that the beast has been struck with a flying piece of lead, and is about to fall under him.
  • The mob parted to give passage but many rushed at the carriage as though they would fall under its wheels.
  • The questions that may arise will be judicial questions, and they will fall under the decision of the judicial tribunals.
  • Practically all women fall under this head, most of the foreign labor population, most of unskilled labor.
  • He was without refinement, never having come into contact with that state of being long enough to fall under its influence.
  • We shall see that although there are some exceptions for which it is difficult to give a reason, yet most of the exceptions fall under two classes.
  • Some are unsettled; others suffer injuries from those that are unworthy; others fall under many other trials and inconveniences.
  • The Sultan has maintained the principle whereby real property and administrative cases fall under native law.
  • The glory of God seen in the creation of a world, which he foresaw would fall under the dominion of sin.
  • If you go her influence will increase and the King will fall under her and Guarini's influence.
  • I understand that you come from the Meteorological Office and that ventures like this fall under your review in your department.
  • She endangered her neighbours because there was no guarantee that she might not fall under the tutelage of one of them and become a weapon against the others.
  • The theoretical as well as the practical mind still fall under the general range of Mind Subjective.
  • According to our author it cannot, for if we subtract from surrounding things all the phenomena that fall under the domain of the senses, what remains?
  • He loved his wife, bitterly angry as he had been with her this evening, and prone as he was to fall under the spell of the fair siren who was now his temptress.
  • Some of these strange mannerisms fall under the general head of a singularity peculiar, so far as I know, to Teufelsdrockh.
  • As to this they fall under three categories: a) Private colonies, i.e., founded by a private individual or corporation.
  • A better understanding of the matter readily shows that while many processes can only be perfected by repetition, there are even more that fall under science rather than art.
  • Pairs of opposites which fall under the category of relation are explained by a reference of the one to the other, the reference being indicated by the preposition 'of' or by some other preposition.

Definition of Fall Under

(transitive) To belong to for purposes of categorization.
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