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  • But her exultation was on a fallacious basis.
  • But the difference drawn is a purely fallacious one.
  • Nothing of idealism, nothing of fallacious theories!
  • Possibly the convent, that fallacious sanctuary for disappointment.

How To Use Fallacious In A Sentence?

  • Art thou not rather satisfied how fallacious the evidence of testimony is in all such cases?
  • This is too serious an emergency to trust in the hands of a fallacious volunteer system!
  • Equally fallacious is another argument that the duty is in reality paid by Englishmen.
  • I said that his question was but the major promise of a fallacious Christian Science syllogism.
  • I hope that you have eradicated from your mind all those fallacious and treasonable ideas of republicanism.
  • But these prospects are as fallacious as they are alluring, and so a very few observations will demonstrate.
  • It seems to me that there are certain reasons for it which we can see; but how fallacious those reasons are!
  • And there was no doubt whatever that her presentable but brainless young husband had fostered this fallacious conviction.
  • So far from being a fallacious or visionary one, it is found by experience to be practically effective.
  • She had practically offered that fallacious jongleur money, and it did not make it easier to offer him lunch.
  • They hold out the most fallacious hope of an easy payment of debts, and a lighter burden of taxation.
  • According to these fallacious chroniclers the country abounded in cottages and even small manor-houses from which the inhabitants had fled.
  • Common consent and experience, until they are analysed, are fallacious tests for the seekers after positive truth.
  • Nothing can be more fallacious than the opinions formed by hasty visitors on matters of this kind, which are susceptible of perpetual improvement.
  • Recent experiences proved this to be a fallacious idea, and such a rod required quite an education to use with any degree of accuracy.
  • Classifying these causes of fallacious belief somewhat differently, we may say that two are intrinsic and two are extrinsic.
  • The feeling, that it is of little consequence how we behave at home, if we conduct properly abroad, is a very fallacious one.
  • And he would maintain, with endless ingenuity, confidence and persistence, his fallacious spectrum to be a real image.
  • Boxes of cigars, with their more or less fallacious vignettes and labels, figure, symmetrically disposed, in the ornamentation of the shop-fronts.
  • A partial answer to this fallacious plea has been already given, but I cannot pass over the particular form of it without a protest.
  • As to the conclusion, this can only be fallacious if some other conclusion has been substituted for that which was to have been proved (Sec. 7).
  • This statement as a statement of an existing fact was wide of the truth, and as a prophecy it was as fallacious as are the prophecies which predict the destruction of the world.
  • I saw the necessity of putting an end to her suspense, and of preventing the news from reaching her with fallacious aggravations or at an unseasonable time.
  • It must be done cautiously and deliberately, for the first appearances are exceedingly fallacious in respect to the characters of the different children.
  • In her young and entirely fallacious judgment there were few shrewder judges of character than Big Dog Billy.
  • Oh! how he reviles himself now for his delay in confessing everything, for the fallacious security which he has encouraged in his home and which he will have to destroy at one blow.
  • Nothing, however, could be more fallacious than the notion that this growing antagonism was controlled by any deliberate purpose in either part of the country.
  • At the present time there are populations claiming the rights of nationality just upon this fallacious ground; a fact which illustrates the importance of achieving some satisfactory definition of nationhood.
  • Ought they not to state the true cause, since His Royal Highness by mistake had assigned a fallacious one?
  • Pretending to deal with matters of pure reason, it constantly though surreptitiously proceeds on the methods of applied logic; its conclusions are as fallacious logically as they are experimentally.
  • Torrijos is described as a man of excellent discernment: who knows how long he had repressed the unreasonable schemes of his followers, and turned a deaf ear to the temptings of fallacious hope?
  • The great source of fallacious generalisation is bad classification, by which things with no, or no important, common properties, are grouped together.
  • They do not know what candour is, they are immovable in their own opinion, and scarcely anything could conquer their dogged persistence in their own argument, however fallacious it may be.

Definition of Fallacious

Characterized by fallacy; false or mistaken. | Deceptive or misleading.
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