Fallacious in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Fallacious

1. But her exultation was on a fallacious basis. 🔊

2. But the difference drawn is a purely fallacious one. 🔊

3. Nothing of idealism, nothing of fallacious theories! 🔊

4. Possibly the convent, that fallacious sanctuary for disappointment. 🔊

How to use Fallacious in Sentences?

1. Art thou not rather satisfied how fallacious the evidence of testimony is in all such cases? 🔊

2. This is too serious an emergency to trust in the hands of a fallacious volunteer system! 🔊

3. Equally fallacious is another argument that the duty is in reality paid by Englishmen. 🔊

4. I said that his question was but the major promise of a fallacious Christian Science syllogism. 🔊

5. I hope that you have eradicated from your mind all those fallacious and treasonable ideas of republicanism. 🔊

6. It seems to me that there are certain reasons for it which we can see; but how fallacious those reasons are! 🔊

7. And there was no doubt whatever that her presentable but brainless young husband had fostered this fallacious conviction. 🔊

8. So far from being a fallacious or visionary one, it is found by experience to be practically effective. 🔊

9. According to these fallacious chroniclers the country abounded in cottages and even small manor-houses from which the inhabitants had fled. 🔊

10. They hold out the most fallacious hope of an easy payment of debts, and a lighter burden of taxation. 🔊

11. Nothing can be more fallacious than the opinions formed by hasty visitors on matters of this kind, which are susceptible of perpetual improvement. 🔊

12. Classifying these causes of fallacious belief somewhat differently, we may say that two are intrinsic and two are extrinsic. 🔊

13. Recent experiences proved this to be a fallacious idea, and such a rod required quite an education to use with any degree of accuracy. 🔊

14. The feeling, that it is of little consequence how we behave at home, if we conduct properly abroad, is a very fallacious one. 🔊

15. And he would maintain, with endless ingenuity, confidence and persistence, his fallacious spectrum to be a real image. 🔊

16. A partial answer to this fallacious plea has been already given, but I cannot pass over the particular form of it without a protest. 🔊

17. Boxes of cigars, with their more or less fallacious vignettes and labels, figure, symmetrically disposed, in the ornamentation of the shop-fronts. 🔊

18. As to the conclusion, this can only be fallacious if some other conclusion has been substituted for that which was to have been proved (Sec. 7). 🔊