Falling In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Falling | Falling Sentence

  • And do it while you are falling down.
  • Everything is falling about me.
  • Snow was falling once more.
  • Perhaps we were falling now!
  • He is falling asleep!
  • In the falling of their rain.
  • It is falling out of her belt.
  • In the falling of the year.
  • Rain was falling in torrents.
  • Night was just falling as they set out.
  • The city is falling in!
  • Sleep was falling on the earth.
  • Rain has been falling most of the day.
  • Easy as falling off a log!
  • Yellow leaves were falling about it.
  • The water was not falling on him now.
  • It was now falling dusk.
  • Both were falling into the ditch.
  • Why their tears are falling so?
  • He was falling in love again.
  • Easy as falling off a log.
  • Simple as falling off a log.
  • Shells were falling thickly now.
  • He was just falling asleep.
  • Whirling in midair and falling before it reached him.
  • Snow was falling faster and faster.
  • The falling of the silver dew.
  • Comedy or tragedy is but the falling of the dice.
  • The regiments are all falling off from us.
  • The bullets were falling thick about them.
  • Her hair was falling over her shoulders.
  • Falling leaves and falling men!
  • Society is falling to pieces as we write.
  • Can that be the rattle of the falling bricks?
  • The world was falling away from him.

How To Use Falling In A Sentence?

  • As it was she was falling surely and slowly.
  • Suddenly we seemed to be falling earthwards.
  • He caught it as it was falling off my head.
  • He was not made for falling in love.
  • Silently the men were falling back.

Definition of Falling

That falls or fall. | present participle of fall | gerund of fall
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