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  • Why has he spoken falsely in the name of the gods?
  • I have prophesied falsely and the gods will have lied.
  • They prophesied falsely in the name of the gods.
  • Alas, said Arthur, falsely ye have watched me.
  • Gothic Furniture, Falsely Constructed, 66.
  • Do not be falsely economical in trying to do deep frying with these fats.
  • Though falsely attributed to the apostles, they are very valuable.
  • And though we know that it speaks falsely we have no power to undeceive it.
  • But this reason is, for the most part, very falsely assigned.
  • If this theory be true, how falsely has the admiration of mankind been given!
  • Her husband asks what it is she wishes, and she falsely tells him fish roe.
  • For I have prophesied falsely and at sunset the gods will lie.
  • Hers was another of these modern mishaps, it seemed, falsely called marriages.
  • Beyond my record, falsely spelled, perhaps, they would have no history.
  • I see falsely directed routine, vice, untruthfulness, helplessness.
  • It is said, and basely and most falsely too, that my sweetheart, Capt.
  • If I--er--accused you falsely I am sorry for it.

How To Use Falsely In A Sentence?

  • Not while he is a prophet; but if he has prophesied falsely his death is due to the gods.
  • Some have inferred falsely from this passage that Luna was the birthplace of Persius.
  • There let him sink, to teach them by his fate, The dread requital of the falsely great.
  • Palamedes is falsely accused of treason, condemned by the unanimous voice of his judges and sent to death.
  • Buck sold the calf for a dollar and a quarter and not for seventy-five cents as was falsely asserted by interested parties.
  • The plaintiff went carelessly from the court arm in arm with the wicked associate whom he had bribed to swear falsely on his behalf.
  • Benengeli, should falsely pretend to raise him from the dead, and write endless histories of his achievements.
  • But the law will free them if they have really done no wrong, and, what is more, it will punish those who swear falsely against them.
  • The latter had sued the former for a heavy sum, falsely alleging his promise to pay it for some stocks which he claimed to have sold him.
  • He made a low obeisance, then announced that he had come to champion a guiltless maid who had been falsely accused of a woeful crime.
  • I have no private interests to subserve, which would lead me to suppress, or falsely color, or exaggerate.
  • She knew that he must have written falsely and without conviction to have made such a profound impression on Westervelt.
  • There is in all of us a strong disposition to regard what is lawful as legitimate, so much so, that many falsely derive all justice from law.
  • It is the popular idea that if a man swears falsely on the Kuran, he will immediately fall down dead.
  • He himself, falsely seized through the malice of an enemy, spent ten days in this horrible place amid the scum of the insurgents.
  • The consequence was, that the dreams of philosophy, falsely so called, gave place to the clear realities of nature.
  • Truly she would then in all reason be falsely called Justice, were she to consort with a man all-daring in his soul.
  • Cleopatra, also grown very superstitious, leaned much upon me; for I prophesied falsely to her in secret.
  • If Lord Earle once discovered that she had dealt falsely with him, she would be driven from the home she had learned to love.
  • They had no wish to fall in a general massacre, as the English and Burgundians falsely told them would be their fate.
  • You can consider that when they hate most causelessly there is a divine love in them somewhere; and that when they see most falsely they are loyal to some ideal light.
  • It was there that he had caused his young son Crispus, falsely accused of treason by his stepmother Fausta, to be put to death.
  • A wise little head, yours, And how could a wise head 460 Judge falsely of peasants?

Definition of Falsely

In a false manner.
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