Falseness In A Sentence

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  • The falseness is not in us.
  • There was no falseness in his voice; he spoke the truth.
  • By what right do they deride the falseness of the Pagan Gods?

How To Use Falseness In A Sentence?

  • Their very faults assist them; they are helped even by the falseness of their position in life.
  • The falseness is in the person who states, or induces the belief, that it is a rose.
  • From the falseness of my friends Has risen the whole of my unprosperous fortunes.
  • There swept over him with bitter realism a conception of the falseness of the position into which he was permitting himself to drift.
  • In so far as they cultivate salient peculiarities, they cultivate falseness to themselves and live lies.
  • It is to be wished that this question also could be approached free from all falseness of modern feminist sentimentality.
  • But an incident which occurred almost as soon as the train had passed, shewed me the falseness of this conclusion.
  • We may guess the distress and perplexity of the people this night; but it was somewhat alleviated when the falseness of the alarm was discovered.
  • That which thou hast reported, either of the honesty or of the falseness of those things which are objected against thee, is known to all men.
  • They spoke of the lawyers, and the calculated period of the trial; of the husband too, in his inciting belief in the falseness of his wife.
  • She strived to impress me with the vanity and falseness of all European creeds, as well as with a sense of her own spiritual greatness.
  • You should not have had my consent so soon, but only to revenge myself upon the falseness of Don Melchor.
  • It is to be wished that this question of divorce could be approached free from the falseness of the old prejudices of religious intolerance and of sentimentality.
  • But the knowledge that it is nothing but an ideal which in reality is always mixed with a little falseness serves as no mean antidote against sentimental transcendentalism.
  • She was really not aware of the falseness of this conduct; being an adept in that species of sophistry with which people persuade themselves that what they wish to do is right.
  • In the Peace Stead no crime had ever been committed, no blood had ever been shed, no falseness had ever been spoken.
  • She pointed to him the falseness of the world, and bade him judge of the fidelity of the picture by his own experience; and she taught him the way of return to the paths of peace.
  • The ultimate standard for a man is his own individual conscience, and neither the constraint of affection, nor the authority of numbers, can atone for falseness there.
  • But that delicious exaltation, at once your charm and your torment, has prevented you from understanding, adorable woman that you are, the falseness of our future position.
  • In this view, so commonly held in our day, that knowledge is subjective and reality unknowable, we have another example of the falseness and inconsistency of abstract thinking.

Definition of Falseness

The characteristic of being false.
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