Falters In A Sentence

Definition of Falters

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of falter

How To Use Falters In A Sentence?

  • He is more easily swayed by others than he was, and he falters more when left alone.
  • The moment must come when, driven back to the last barrier, our last defence falters ...
  • No matter what the fire and force of his passion, it falters eventually, and forever after smoulders or goes out.
  • Under the weight of my objurgation he falters not, but makes a vehement pass at a harmless dog, which runs by unhurt.
  • He that courts us, wanting art, soon falters when he feigneth, Looks asquint on his discourse and smiles when he complaineth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Falters | Falters Sentence

  • All language falters here.
  • Her voice falters as she asks the question.
  • A sweet thought falters 'round.
  • And Venus falters lonely o'er the sea.

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