Familiarity in a sentence

Definition of Familiarity

The state of being extremely friendly; intimacy. | Undue intimacy; inappropriate informality, impertinence. | An instance of familiar behaviour.

How to use Familiarity in a Sentence?

  • We were struck by the familiarity between the privates and some of the officers.
  • This kind of familiarity with birds has no necessary connection with ornithology.
  • The encounter seemed to him to add the one desirable touch of familiarity to the night ride.
  • The familiarity with which he spoke nettled the girl, and she turned her head without answering.
  • But some one, holding this her familiarity with the bishop to be naught, divulged it abroad.
  • His name, coming with such gentleness and sweet familiarity from her lips, made his blood tingle.
  • He began in December 1787, and laboured incessantly to acquire familiarity with all the details.
  • But to Amelia, his look had all the sweet familiarity of faces we shall see in Paradise.
  • This view from the Ferth hill was one which had great familiarity for Tressady, and yet no charm.
  • But he was not only talking with evident familiarity to Mrs. Darcy, he had taken hold of her arm.
  • But she was in no humour to allow the conversation to drop and commenced to chat with a familiarity that surprised me.
  • She was aided in this representation by her familiarity with the habits of chickens when they try to get down from a high roost.
  • Still, their familiarity with the place did not prevent them from bumping suddenly into a rowboat that lay moored there.
  • Close familiarity with and contiguity to uncommon objects not infrequently dulls the sense of wonder they should otherwise naturally excite.
  • The familiarity of the words struck her, and she saw by the kindling tenderness in his eyes that they had given him pleasure.
  • Want of familiarity with a phenomenon, and ignorance of its proximate cause, will ever make it terrible.
  • His manner had just the shade of admiring familiarity which to some men seems admissible to the pretty daughter of a disreputable old innkeeper.
  • The chairs, evidently considering them permanent occupants, assumed an air of familiarity which he resented.
  • The more Brandilancia reflected the less he liked the familiarity which amounted to an assumption of authority.
  • Many of these illustrations show, however, perfect familiarity with the scientific and medical teachings of the time.
  • It is better, then, to keep from undue familiarity with strangers, for we know not of what temper they may be.
  • Here they wait, losing time and gaining a precocious familiarity with evil from the profanity and depravity of the talk and chaffing around them.
  • Nevertheless, he seemed rather amused than disconcerted by the frank, forward familiarity of the people he had come amongst.
  • She had recovered her spirits, and she talked to him often in a half audible undertone, the familiarity of which gave him a curious pleasure.
  • And something of familiarity with the whole range of the Scripture is needful to use the key to the simple picture language.
  • Again, an expression like a "torrent of words" is made possible by our familiarity with the quick pouring forth of water in a torrent.
  • Burns, who treated his servants with the familiarity of fellow-labourers, soon after read the poem to Blane.
  • Michael Snowdon was anxious that Jane should not regard with the carelessness of familiarity those desolate tracts from which they were escaping.
  • This from familiarity had no longer any effect upon the consul, but it gave Colonel Kenton prolonged pause.
  • There was a sort of constitutional frankness and familiarity about the old lawyer which all the astute habits and instincts of his profession had never mastered.
  • A spirit sympathetic with the child and the life of the family and a mind willing to study the subject will accomplish much more than facile rhetorical familiarity with it.
  • Montaigne is the exemplar of good feeling and good sense; in him we see those qualities chatting on terms of familiarity with genius and inspiration.

Short Example Sentence for Familiarity

  • What is more disgusting than the familiarity of a snob?
  • There was a grotesque familiarity in the act.
  • Their familiarity had made him fear it.
  • Did familiarity always breed contempt?
  • Let not familiarity swallow up old courtesy.
  • Too great familiarity with, 143, 226.
  • Well, sir, pray mind, that familiarity is all over now.
  • I resented what I thought was a vulgar familiarity and a coarse dislike.

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