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  • Altogether there were about 100 families in the village.
  • There were many families in the same position.
  • I suspect him of wives and families in all three.
  • It came to be a roster of the best families in town.
  • I am of the best families in Germany.
  • Some families in Africa keep them as we do chickens.
  • The boy came of one of the best families in Amity.
  • Kings and all royal families in those days came out of the same caste.
  • She ran over in her head the list of all the families in the neighborhood.
  • She belonged to one of the principal gypsy families in this country.
  • We live with our families in our regular homes throughout the land.
  • In most families in this country, evening calls are the most usual.
  • Not one drop of blood for all the royal families in Christendom.
  • I suppose you come of one of the most distinguished families in England.
  • The convent of Layavan, with seven hundred families in its charge.
  • Two families in Slawson had a somewhat singular experience several weeks ago.
  • Negro families in rural Wisconsin; a study of their community life.
  • The town is called Ruskin, and at the present time has seventy families in it.
  • Palacios y Sojo, were descendants of noble families in Venezuela.
  • Think of a Nideck, one of the very noblest families in Germany!
  • Indeed, the Ridge-Fultons are among the thinnest families in the country.

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  • It proved inadvisable to have both the mothers with their families in the same kennel.
  • There are only about 15 or 16 families in the township that he brought out.
  • But there were only poor families in the village who had no room for him in their huts.
  • Applicants will receive cards of introduction to families in which they will be entertained.
  • Families in deep mourning are not expected to send out return cards under the first year.
  • The association of such families in religious matters gives the connecting bond they need.
  • There were only three white families in this place when we came, three years ago.
  • They are the men from the cities and from the wealthiest families in the country life of England.
  • I believe there are as many as three different families in the lodge where I stop.
  • Necessity did not compel it, for she was connected with one of the richest families in Barmouth.
  • King Chilperic ordered several families in the fiscal domains to be seized and placed in cars.
  • The demand is not so urgent as that of some ato, since there are only thirteen families in Ungkan.
  • The streets, walks, and lawns were wiggling with little parties, one or two families in each.
  • Many families (in Ravenna principally) owed to him the few prosperous days they ever enjoyed.
  • The old-established families in the United States are believed to be actually dwindling.
  • This was quite as great as among the old southern families in the United States.
  • We were told that there were sixty Jewish families in Beyrout, none of them rich.
  • There is perhaps a side-thrust at the pride of the old Roman families in their Trojan descent.
  • The phoenix is of frequent use in heraldry, and borne by many families in the United Kingdom.
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