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  • Everything had gone famously with him in the city.
  • We got on famously at Utrecht and at the Arnhem station.
  • You seemed to be getting on famously with her later in the evening.
  • Things were going on famously smooth and satisfactory at the switch tower.
  • George did famously and became in time Captain of the School.
  • We shall be able to arrange things famously for Julie's marriage.

How To Use Famously In A Sentence?

  • Mrs. Morse got on famously with her book, and allowed the girls to do about as they liked.
  • Lucky had been an inmate of the parsonage for some weeks now and was thriving famously in her adopted home.
  • Newton himself was famously touchy about precedence and attribution, even if not about legal ownership of his ideas.
  • Joel lied famously in this account; but he believed himself safe, as no one could very well contradict him.
  • I am getting on famously at the Asylum just now, and have succeeded in getting the children under cover before the rains.
  • I dare to say I have travelled with heavier fellows than you in my time, and done famously well with them.
  • We often feel that if we were not as ignorant of glass-blowing as Amieux is of everything else, we could get on famously with him.
  • Rather famously the first renaissance elevated the Catholic mass into a congregation of Protestant readers.
  • We now got on famously with our fields, and soon sowed fifteen acres of maize and tobacco, and then began clearing another ten-acre field.
  • Several ladies have succeeded famously in horse-taming; but they have been ladies accustomed to horses and to exercise, and always with gentlemen by, in case a customer proved too tough.

Definition of Famously

(Can we add an example for this sense?) In a celebrated manner. | Indicates that the act, state, or occurrence described by the sentence is famous. | Really well, having great rapport
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