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  • But how about his fanatical devotion to the party?
  • The saints were not fanatical or dark.
  • Nothing is so blind as fanatical passion.
  • I was again seized by my fanatical passion.
  • He was driven by some fanatical fad about the trees.
  • So reasoned the curate; he was a rather fanatical fellow.
  • A look almost fanatical came into the face of the superintendent.
  • The entire shabby apartment betrayed a fanatical worship of the past.
  • His small, bitter, fanatical face wore a deeply carved sneer.
  • Why art thou loaded with chains, fanatical and unhappy Santon?

How To Use Fanatical In A Sentence?

  • In its moments of most extreme and fanatical intensity it is likely to be most unstable.
  • But as these persons were generally called fanatical and visionary, he had not paid much attention to their strictures.
  • The four young men were now fanatical about the proper handling of a ship in emptiness.
  • It is inevitable that all movements directed against the established errors of communities originate with men more or less fanatical in spirit.
  • On this the tumult began, and the ferocity of the fanatical crowd rose to blood-heat.
  • Hence his fanatical obstinacy in wooing his, if you ask me, none too desirable bride.
  • In those days the people of China were even more ignorant and fanatical than they are now.
  • He is a gaunt workman, with high cheek bones and a rather fanatical light in his blue eyes.
  • I was convinced that this man of forms and ceremonies and fanatical royalism was perfectly heartless.
  • Could anyone save the blindest and most fanatical of biblical bigots call the ordainer of such a punishment merciful?
  • And may not this majority of people be the truly wise and my own notions of the subject simply fanatical and impracticable?
  • The incident is worth recounting briefly here because of the rapidity with which history was made by a mere fanatical knife-thrust.
  • On the other hand, he would offend his brother and the fanatical party, with whom he commonly acted.
  • In point of fact these expressed distinct suspiciousness, partly dashed with a restrained combination of fanatical and racial hatred.
  • The epoch of literary decadence began with the devastating expeditions of the fanatical Moslem in the tenth century.
  • But fanatical institutionalism has been the driving force of Catholicism as a power in the world, from the very first.
  • Shiraz has fifteen large mosques and several smaller ones, but the people are as fanatical as those of Teheran are the reverse.
  • As soon as possible a great native army is to be trained, and thoroughly schooled in the fanatical precepts of Islam.
  • The Religionists frequently committed acts of a fanatical and senseless vandalism; and art had many losses to deplore.
  • Such was the prodigious state of separation from a Mahometan principle of fanatical proselytism in which the Jews were placed from the very first.
  • He has not, for example, done all that his fanatical anti-Frank friends could expect in shaking off foreign influence.
  • The Pope though bigoted and fanatical was sternly upright, and discovering the crimes of his nephews visited unsparing retribution upon them.
  • Nobody would think that there was anything antiquated or fanatical about distrusting a people because of some difference between them and us in practice or political machinery.
  • The fanatical and blood-thirsty mob, far greater than the body of native soldiers, were eager to fall upon and slaughter all Europeans.
  • Meanwhile the eight and twenty prophets had arrived at the cities of their destination, and had preached their customary fanatical nonsense with frantic zeal.
  • They are suffering at the hands of the Jews, who were the outspoken, intense, fanatical enemy of the Christians.
  • They looked, consequently, upon that Sovereign with a fanatical hatred, which they determined, if possible, to gratify.
  • I saw a frail little man with a long, yellow face and sunken fanatical eyes, an Inquisitor, an unfrocked monk.
  • Southern newspapers and politicians could not find epithets strong enough to denounce the fanatical incendiaries who said that slavery, being wrong in itself, should cease at once.
  • He could impress the more intelligent, but half unscrupulous, half fanatical minds of the leaders with the power of his idea and the opportunities offered for leadership.

Definition of Fanatical

Having an extreme, irrational zeal or enthusiasm for a specific cause.
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