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  • The body is decorated to represent fancifully colored clothing.
  • He made the sign of the Cross, wondering fancifully if this were an omen.

How To Use Fancifully In A Sentence?

  • An exuberance of imagination very often led her mother to embroider fancifully the details of a story, but surely not this time.
  • When the whole is cold, put the apples with the syrup into glass dishes, and dispose the wreaths of lemon-peel fancifully about them.
  • The leather is neatly painted, and, in some parts, is fancifully worked with porcupine-quills and moose-deer hair.
  • Footsteps sounded without and a moment later a handsomely attired woman entered the room, followed a moment later by a fancifully garbed man.
  • Several cypresses, overhanging the grave, were fancifully carved on the inner side, and on one the shape of a heart was deeply engraved.
  • His old moccasins she replaced with new ones fancifully decorated with beads, and his much-worn duffel socks with warm ones made of rabbit skins.
  • Another variety of baskets of similar shape and size, and also fancifully ornamented, was obtained from the same Indians.
  • These fragments or "building stones" as they have been fancifully called, are all of a distant class of chemical compounds known to chemists as amino acids.
  • Our hotel bears the date 1697 upon a fancifully carved tablet above the middle window, but the Stadhuis Tower is still older, dating back to 1592.

Definition of Fancifully

In a fanciful manner.
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