Fanning In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fanning | Fanning Sentence

  • Raymond went on fanning her hair.
  • Flores had taken her fan and was fanning her respectfully.
  • The farmer himself was fanning the unconscious face.
  • She laughed, slowly fanning herself the while.
  • They were busy fanning the flame in another direction.
  • She is panting, and fanning herself audibly.
  • The fanning greatly hastens the drying process.
  • Falloden looked round, while fanning his partner.
  • What does Fanning say?
  • Sean Fanning was in middle school.
  • Mr. Fanning had come in.
  • Mr. Fanning bent again towards me.
  • Mrs. Fanning was waiting for me in the hall.
  • Mrs. Fanning favoured me with a broad wink.
  • Four fat Frenchmen fanning a fainting fly.
  • Mrs. Fanning had put on black on my account.
  • Nevertheless, Fanning began his march through the prairie.
  • Mr. Fanning followed us upstairs after dinner.
  • It was Mr. Fanning who did it.
  • Even Mrs. Fanning had gone out.
  • Just at that moment Mr. Fanning came up.
  • It has bowled Albert Fanning over, that it has.
  • Mr. Fanning had the grace to turn red when I said this.
  • After Mass, Father Fanning shook hands with the preacher.
  • Mr. Fanning is impossible, Mr. Randolph is not.
  • Mr. Fanning went away and Mrs. Fanning took care of me.
  • Mr. Fanning must go, Mr. Randolph must go.
  • I would rather Mr. Fanning were here than Mr. Randolph.
  • And he pulled off his hat and began fanning himself with it.
  • I was attracted to it by the noise they were making in fanning at the opening.
  • She is leaning back in her chair, and is fanning herself languidly.
  • We was fanning out wheat and one of de children was raking out de wheat.
  • The air was like an oven here, and all your fanning made it no cooler.
  • His wife suddenly began fanning herself, searching for breath.
  • He was perspiring and fanning as usual, but carried no whisky and soda.
  • He was suffering a good deal from the heat, and fanning himself incessantly.

How To Use Fanning In A Sentence?

  • He was fanning himself slowly with a piece of paper, the telegram he had so violently intercepted.
  • Gnats buzzed about his flexible ears, and with a swishing fanning motion he displaced them.
  • He viewed the moths with malice, their fluttering wings fanning his resentment.
  • His torch was burning low, with the draught fanning constantly past him through the channel.

Definition of Fanning

present participle of fan | The act by which something is fanned. | A very small fragment of tea leaf.
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