Fanny In A Sentence

How To Use Fanny In A Sentence?

  • Tall Fanny opened her cupboard, which had glass doors.
  • And yet, tall Fanny was a beautiful woman!
  • Fanny sat up straight, clutching little Fanny to her.
  • Could Miss Fanny be all this?
  • Poor little Fanny Glen!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fanny | Fanny Sentence

  • Miss Fanny was outdone.
  • Miss Fanny had been nice.
  • Give Fanny her letter.
  • With Fanny it was just the reverse.
  • So Fanny had failed her.
  • What is Fanny doing this fall?
  • Quickly Fanny hurried to the window.
  • At first Fanny objected.
  • Miss Fanny gave them this time.
  • But Fanny refused to be teased.
  • For a moment Fanny did not speak.
  • Something had come over Fanny of late.
  • But Fanny shook her head.
  • How that brought my poor Fanny back to me!
  • And Fanny drummed on the table energetically.
  • Poor Fanny has suffered during the journey with her teeth.
  • And little Fanny shall be grateful to you.
  • To Fanny the thought of death was familiar.
  • She was viewing Fanny with unfriendly suspicion.
  • He found Fanny most ready to converse.
  • At last Fanny opened her eyes.
  • Shall we call mamma and Fanny to see it?
  • Pauline slapped old Fanny impatiently.
  • The interview with Fanny straightened everything out.
  • She completely puts Fanny in the background.
  • Excuse my dear Fanny this very shabby note.
  • All love from me and Fanny to your incomparable mother.
  • Lord Fanny spins a thousand such a day.
  • They had not seen much of Fanny in the last month.
  • But poor Fanny was continually committing some blunder.
  • Shirley was feeding Fanny with handfuls of fresh grass.
  • Alone in her room poor Fanny was weeping bitterly.
  • Most likely Fanny has won his good graces by this time.
  • They all have books in their hands, and Fanny is reading.
  • Happy as a bird, Fanny sprang up the steps.

Definition of Fanny

(Britain, naval slang) Mess kettle or cooking pot.
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