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  • In the middle of the room stood a large green marble table with fantastically twisted legs.
  • She was dressed in white muslin, and the fantastically small waist was confined with a white band.
  • The letter, fantastically expressed as it was, conveyed the true condition of the hour.
  • Dreams may be quite meaningful or at least coherent, yes, even witty, fantastically beautiful.
  • Gaily uniformed Castilian officer, and British tourist fantastically attired, jostled each other.
  • They were men of the western twilight, as fantastically named by Karl G. Carus.
  • I could see her hair gleaming in the fantastically varying light that the flames gave as they left and fell.
  • Its panels were the most delicate of blue-gray, fantastically designed and outlined by ribbings of blue.
  • The other actors in the scene were decorated with paints of several colors, fantastically disposed upon their persons.
  • He was robed like the others, and the portions of his skin in sight were fantastically painted in various designs.
  • He can supply even the most fantastically rare stuff; prices are in line with the rarity of the items wanted.
  • As the wheel became fantastically developed so did the cross, and each limb became so developed at the outer end as to symbolise the triad.
  • Behind them comes the camp at large, a fantastically mingled multitude, marching without any appearance of order.
  • Their eroded edges stand as lines of massive, gorgeously coloured, and frequently fantastically sculptured cliffs.
  • I shuddered as she pointed down to the blue waters, through whose depths we could see endless caverns of fantastically shaped coral.
  • Sometimes one tint prevails, sometimes another, and occasionally all of these colors are fantastically blended in a single specimen.
  • They gathered everywhere in dense groups, exchanging rumors and surmises, in which fact and fiction were fantastically mingled.
  • He went, still in a strangely exultant mood, in which his will acted as easily and yet as fantastically as though it were on a slippery surface.
  • Through the yellow silk curtains that hid the entrance came two Chinamen as fantastically hideous as the embroidered dragons on the tapestry.
  • Their sitting-room opened into an entrance-hall rather fantastically fitted up with articles of armour, skins of wild animals, and the like.
  • One used to see these moth-hunters on windless nights in a Hampstead lane pursuing their quarry fantastically with nets in the light of the lamps.
  • It begins characteristically with a sermon, and is fantastically peppered with pompous scriptural and classical quotations, as was the Mather wont.
  • Plato's guesses read much more fantastically than does Aristotle's systematic analysis; but in some ways they are more valuable.
  • They were the first to welcome the invasion of Christianity, adopting a fantastically modified Christian faith.
  • I think it was innate and spontaneous with him, a gift of the inscrutable, illogic, and fantastically generous-niggard Fates.
  • A dwarf negro, fantastically attired, had just struck three resounding blows on a Chinese gong placed at the stem near the helm.
  • Down the wide slope of Bald Mountain the fire raved exultingly, leaping and skipping fantastically as it ran.
  • Could this fantastically tall, stooping figure before her be that of the President of the United States?
  • I saw in the profuse decorations, in the arabesques so fantastically entangled and unrolled, a manifestation of the delicate sensibility that created them.
  • But steel pens sufficed him; save once, when I saw him, in a high mood, experimenting fantastically with a quill one.
  • While his wreathing hands picked fantastically at a roll and made crosses with lumps of sugar, his questions probed at that hidden soul which she herself had never found.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fantastically | Fantastically Sentence

  • The actors were fantastically dressed.
  • Everything was done fantastically and tastefully.
  • Why were its raids always so fantastically successful?
  • That kind of attitude is too fantastically fastidious altogether.
  • These too are fantastically decorated with feathers, usually of the loon.
  • A grimy figure approached like a man fantastically imitating some animal.
  • Angles are thrown fantastically by some mad geometer, it would seem.
  • In Gordon strength and weakness were most fantastically mingled.
  • No outline was soft or blurred, everything was vividly, fantastically real.

Definition of Fantastically

In a fantastic manner. | To an extent only in fantasy.
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