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  • On the far left side of the garden plan is a graphic representation of the uneven application of water put down by this sprinkler system.
  • To the far right of us and to the far left shells were falling, bursting and brilliantly lighting up the heavens for a lurid moment.
  • Another battery on their far left also raked them with a cross fire, and so terrible was their reception that they were compelled to abandon some of their own cannon and seek shelter.
  • We had to separate, to gain any advantage from our number, so that we emerged into the open more than a hundred yards apart, with Fred at the far left and Will in the center.
  • So long as Sheridan remained upon the far left, the Southside road was unsafe, and the rapidity with which his command could be transferred from point to point rendered it a formidable balance of power.
  • We have thus far left out of consideration the faint pencil-memorandums which play so important a part in the history of Mr. Collier's folio.
  • Generally they would weep and say he was a liar and a deceiver, but he knew what women's tears are worth, and when they got that far left them to prevent them going any further....
  • There was the allosauri corps on the far left; he could see the chimeric monsters' long, repulsive necks writhing endlessly back and forth through the air as they squealed and tugged strongly at their restraining chains.
  • The far left invites one to a wild tangle of fallen trees and undergrowth, where veeries sing, and enchanting but maddening warblers lure the bird-lover on, to scramble over logs, wade into swamps, push through chaotic masses of branches, and, while using both hands to make her way, incidentally offer herself a victim to the thirsty inhabitants whose stronghold it is.
  • He was not favorable to extempore prayer in public, or even in the family, and indeed had often seemed willing to omit prayers for what I could not always count sufficient reason: he had a horror at their getting to be a matter of course, and a form; for then, he said, they ceased to be worship at all, and were a mere pagan rite, better far left alone.
  • Still on the look-out for this good fortune, Attack Creek had not been far left in the rear when an elevated chain--the Whittington Range--was discovered, and followed for a long distance.
  • The Maharanee av Gokral-Seetarun--that was me--lay by the favour av Providence on the far left flank behind the dhark av a pillar carved with elephints' heads.
  • His sister and I, who had ridden with him so far, left him there, and walked home up the steep, long road, in the midst of that enthusiastic crowd of his parishioners. CHAPTER THE SEVENTEENTH.
  • Mind, I'm not so far left to myself as to believe this, although there, maybe, is some hayseed in my hair."
  • the right of the line fell into position, a series of blue blocks, and then on down to the far left, block after block, came upon the line with unerring order and precision, as though it were a long curling whiplash straightening itself out to the tension of a giant hand.
  • As a matter of fact, it is unlikely that Prickles--for such was the name of our hedgehog--would have gone that risky way, traveled so unhealthily far, left his more or less--mostly less--safe home wood at all, had it not been that it is sometimes with hedgehogs as it is with men--in the warm seasons--
  • sometimes she was so far "left to herself," as the Scotch say, that she did believe it: in the still twilights, in the wakeful nights, in the one solitary half hour of intense relief, when, all her boys being safe in bed, she rushed out into the garden under the silent stars to sob, to moan, to speak out loud words which nobody could possibly hear.
  • When the workers go to the field on the day set for the planting they enter at one corner and proceed directly across it to the far left hand corner where they erect a small house or place a _tambara_ which is known as _
  • "But if the rogue have gone a cup too far, Left out the linchpin."--_Progress of Error.

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  • Her self-accusation had so far left him untouched.
  • In the far left corner was a single bed.
  • Far left (Catullus!) be the Phrygian leas And summery
  • they ca'd her--an' sae far left to himsel' as to be ower persuaded.

Definition of Far Left

The most radical part of the political left-wing.
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