Fared In A Sentence

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  • So fared it now with ourselves.
  • Purvis fared no better.
  • Zülfikar fared much more strangely.
  • How had she fared during her unusual fortnight?
  • The oxen fared very hard.
  • How he fared it is impossible to ascertain.
  • Later successive tenants fared the same.
  • But they fared none too well.
  • But other plans fared better.
  • Onward they fared through the perfumed woods.
  • She wondered how it had fared with her uncle.
  • Peter had fared rather well.
  • All of them have fared hardly during the years.
  • How they fared you shall see.
  • And how frugally she fared all the time!
  • Many others fared no better than myself.
  • They shared and fared alike.
  • Forth into the night fared the sections of the train.
  • The next one fared no better.
  • The young and the beautiful fared best.
  • Other states fared little better.
  • Then they fared over the hills and far away.
  • Had you been there, you might have fared the same.
  • Be that as it may, they fared the better for it.
  • Eusebius was the ablest of them, and had fared the worst.
  • And as it was that luckless essay fared badly enough.
  • But he fared very well, nevertheless.
  • As such lorn mariners, so fared they.
  • I fared right well with my white masters.
  • Those who remained on board the cutter fared very badly.
  • From this moment he fared sumptuously every day.
  • The third cast fared no better than the others.
  • The officers fared little better than the men.
  • I need not ask how you have fared since last we met!
  • We had plenty pork meat to eat and fared fine.

How To Use Fared In A Sentence?

  • It has not fared much otherwise with higher kinds of steam.
  • In any event another man fared better or worse.
  • They fared on for two interminable, broiling days.
  • As for food and water, they fared well enough.
  • Daniels, however, fared worse.

Definition of Fared

simple past tense and past participle of fare
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