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  • Gone without a word of farewell to her!
  • Ursula gave a farewell supper for us.
  • He gave us a farewell feast in his room.
  • For no such perewinkles; farewell flesh mongere.
  • And I am come to take my farewell too.
  • His farewell to Hayter was cold and lifeless.
  • The last who bade farewell was Jolanka.
  • Early in January he gave a farewell feast to the natives.
  • Helen came in for a moment and their farewell was more or less perfunctory.
  • So he and his boy said farewell to the dame and started off.
  • He waved his hand in hurried farewell and hastened along the path.
  • The relatives went forward first to take a farewell of the corpse.
  • He had taken poison, and written his farewell on a piece of paper.
  • Menard said farewell and went out, leaving the priest gazing at the picture.
  • His farewell to Rome and rhetoric has been quoted in part above.
  • Jack buried his mother, bade farewell to his ruined home, and enlisted.
  • How many wearied souls have bidden here their long farewell to Canterbury!
  • Since we must part, Farewell, my Sonne, all farewell with my heart.

How To Use Farewell In A Sentence?

  • An arm was raised in a gesture of farewell as the tramp swung the pony toward the town.
  • So Jacob took a hearty farewell of his escort, and in another minute was following his new guide.
  • In the background is the filmy outline of George Washington, delivering the farewell address.
  • Before we bid farewell to the crypt we must call to mind one of the earliest and greatest of all the pilgrims.
  • Without a word of farewell he walked boldly off through the trees, drawing his blanket about his shoulders.
  • We felt that we who had been sympathisers at the bedside during some of his farewell moments owed it to his memory to assist in the last sad rites.
  • His greeting that afternoon had had in it something almost of tenderness; his farewell was commonplace and slightly constrained.
  • When he had said farewell to his unhappy parents, he mounted his horse and rode for two days without stopping.
  • You may consider that kiss the farewell appearance so dear to the operatic heart," bitterly.
  • There was also a lot of sorting and packing to be done, and farewell visits to be made, where these were officially expected of one.
  • But many a day thereafter, in loneliness and peril and the shadow of death, the memory of that boisterous farewell was an inspiration.
  • It is there that my sister lies, by an open grave, waiting for the farewell word of him who alone is left to say farewell to her.
  • A letter, therefore, he would write, and then leave the villa for ever, and without a farewell to any.
  • At which warm farewell between these two good friends, Mary leaned back in her chair and laughed silently.
  • My own indelible recollection of that farewell ride across Germany, at any rate, is the memory of song.
  • It would be such a letter of farewell as no lover had ever written, no woman in the world had ever read, since the beginning of love on earth.
  • The parting with Bob and the farewell to home necessarily dropped into the background of their thoughts; the foreground was full of expectations.
  • He was to start by an early train, so, hastily dressing himself, and having breakfasted, he came to say farewell to his master.
  • The Princess then said she would joyfully follow him, but she besought him with tears in her eyes to allow her to say farewell to her parents.
  • Were art to prosper, farewell to fire-proof, shapeless slippers, which bask like salamanders unharmed in the hottest blaze.
  • Porter Barkley wished nothing so much as speedily to get away from the scene of his twofold defeat, although he knew that farewell meant dismissal.
  • He was accompanied by his wife and various colleagues, including Professor Busch, who bade him farewell on the platform.

Definition of Farewell

Parting, valedictory, final. | To bid farewell or say goodbye. | A wish of happiness or safety at parting, especially a permanent departure
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