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  • Farrell had been gone about an hour then.
  • Farrell and Marshall.
  • He said Farrell had requested him to call.
  • Whether Farrell was aware of this it is impossible to say.
  • We have got to smoke him out, Farrell.
  • Three minutes afterwards Farrell did a stranger thing.
  • Farrell, Pa. ...
  • Good morning, Miss Farrell.
  • And Bert Farrell has already given his life for it.
  • Marcia Farrell, you know what I mean.
  • Have you ever read it, Miss Farrell?
  • Farrell, A. Wounded.
  • I am not my mother; I am Marcia Farrell.
  • Had I, Marcia Farrell, been fathered by such a brute?
  • Farrell grinned.
  • To find Minnie Farrell and bring her back to Foxon Falls.
  • For Harry was not Harry; and Kerr was not Farrell Wand.
  • Bailey, Farrell & Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • There's Farrell with the machine now.
  • Timothy Farrell, ma'am.
  • My second belief is that Farrell did not leave the office at all that day.
  • Come at once," phoned Farrell.
  • The taxi started on and Farrell turned off at the next crossroad.
  • Timothy Farrell, the foreman's here.
  • If Farrell had become mixed up in such an affair suicide might be the way out.
  • James T. Farrell (A); 20Nov69; R472941.
  • But Mary Farrell knew how to manage children and dogs as well as men.
  • Miss Farrell, I give you carte blanche for all wedding preparations.
  • Have you been thinkin' thet all this time, Marcia Farrell?
  • Marcia Farrell, I was never your mother's husband.
  • Marcia Farrell, your last 'batch' has been 'petering out', as we say at home.
  • Farrell said: 'Mr. Marvin, you are needed at your office.
  • Mary Farrell could have made Brine's Rip swallow it.

How To Use Farrell In A Sentence?

  • Farrell might have felt ill and drunk some plain water, but why was he in the office at all?
  • Did Farrell at some time before midnight bring some one back to the office with him?
  • I mean Farrell is the only man who can drive the large car or the roadster safely.
  • And, again, it is curious the doctor should call on Farrell on that particular day.
  • The passenger in the open cab waved his hand and Farrell, saluting, slowed down.
  • Naturally I at once speculated whether Farrell and Morrison had met later in the afternoon.
  • I won the Farrell Scholarship the last year it was offered, and that meant an Arts course for me.
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