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  • This is the farthest hiding place of all.
  • This was the farthest point of our wanderings.
  • He thought she was crouching now in the farthest corner.
  • The king and queen are farthest from the door.
  • He paced under the wall to its farthest course.
  • Those with the largest reach were set farthest back.
  • Six hundred yards was the farthest the lines were apart.
  • I had taken the farthest corner facing the engine.
  • And those ar shortest, that be farthest distant from it.
  • I coveted the ones that sang farthest away in the bush.
  • Distal: that part of a joint farthest from the body.
  • Among the farthest Hebrides.
  • No. 2, over the farthest row of glass.
  • What a type of the farthest East!
  • The German objective farthest west is now clear.
  • In December, they are farthest from the sea.
  • Garcia led Owen to farthest cage and stopped abruptly.
  • On to the farthest North, on to the boundary main.
  • In January 1842 he reached farthest south, 76 deg..
  • Next to him was Dave, while Andy was farthest off.
  • Gaul And all that farthest Britons held whilome?
  • Stainton sat at the table farthest from this other customer.
  • Regina seated herself farthest off from him, but opposite to him.
  • The possibility of such a conspiracy was ever the farthest from my thoughts.
  • The jailors put him at the farthest corner of their ample premises.
  • That's farthest over next the barn door.
  • They are mild and courteous to the farthest extent of looks and words.
  • At last they stopped at the end farthest away from the others.
  • These farthest apartments seem to have been arranged in no sort of order.
  • A thermometer on the wall farthest from the stove stood at eighty degrees.
  • His father had gone there, beyond the farthest horizon of all.
  • The crash of hopes went echoing to the farthest reaches of her consciousness.
  • Beyond those there is water, reaching to the farthest limits of the world.
  • Being the farthest out, you will be able to pull the rail right up to you.

How To Use Farthest In A Sentence?

  • Peter and the stranger sat at a little table at the farthest corner of the room.
  • This determined our plan of shooting the rapids and exploring it to its farthest recesses.
  • All men listen most attentively to those who have gone farthest into the dark shadows.
  • You need not be afraid that any one can scramble down the walls of that farthest apartment.
  • This chapter-house marks the farthest point reached in the development of such buildings.
  • His dominion of all others most farthest extending itself, both in heaven and earth.

Definition of Farthest

superlative form of far: most far | superlative form of far: most far
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