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How To Use Fashionable In A Sentence?

  • Such was the state of the fashionable world in this self-important little town.
  • It is fashionable to be stupid, and we are the most modish people in the universe.
  • We have gone without fire so that we could buy our satin gowns for fashionable functions.
  • The fashionable season closed without my adventuring to make a declaration, though.
  • A certain fashionable shop in London has already agreed to take the whole off his hands.
  • The long quay on the other side is the favorite and fashionable promenade of The Hague.
  • The Reverend John Hodder is called to a fashionable church in a middle-western city.
  • This is the most fashionable of all race-meetings and the course is in the most beautiful situation.
  • It was clear that there was something more in his mind than mere anxiety about the date of his lectures for fashionable audiences.
  • Your arguments are fashionable enough, but they are too absurd to be justified by anything like reason.
  • We walked together for awhile, and then sat down in order to watch the fashionable crowd more closely.
  • A most casual tap at his belt seemed to achieve instantly the fashionable hour-glass outline of feminine curves.
  • She seemed to neglect none of the fashionable gayeties of the city, and to me she looked handsomer and statelier than ever.
  • She felt a void in this fashionable life; she had no one for whom to dress, or whom to tell of her successes and triumphs.
  • The crop promised to be magnificent, and the fashionable philosopher of the age took other than a merely scientific interest in the experiment.
  • It appeared that we were occupying what was on the whole a straggling but quite a fashionable part of London.
  • She found that her idea of the man she loved had been of height of figure and breadth of shoulders, a handsome face and fashionable attire.
  • He vibrates between the fashionable assurance of a London swindler, and the modest diffidence of an overgrown schoolboy.
  • In the latest, we find a marked sympathy with the symmetrical style of the then fashionable Italian architects.
  • A shy young girl sent to catch a husband at a fashionable hotel is, instead, captivated by a sophisticated woman.
  • The first-rate actor dines with the noble amateur, and entertains a fashionable table with scraps and songs and theatrical slip-slop.
  • But it is a toilsome, an anxious, and an unhappy life; there are few beings so sleepless and miserable as your cultivators of fashionable smiles.
  • East and west of her, great changes took place, and many far smaller villages became fashionable seaside watering places.
  • The customary stir and unceremonious bustle, instead of cautious whispering, rose around the dead body, in preparation for a fashionable funeral.
  • There were to be no other guests, and I found out afterward that Elise rarely invited any of their fashionable friends down in winter.
  • When I turn the corner just outside the hotel, what do I see in one of the most fashionable print-shops?
  • For hundreds of years there was not within the walls of Bristol a more fashionable street than Small Street.
  • Bragging in this manner, Casey led the way to the Bank Exchange, the fashionable bar not far distant.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fashionable | Fashionable Sentence

  • It became positively fashionable to be a cheese-parer.
  • He wore a fashionable morning coat and a silk hat.
  • Exclusive and fashionable audience at the Wonderland.
  • A man is murdered in cold blood in a fashionable restaurant.
  • She knew the value of a large and handsome mansion in a fashionable quarter.
  • He forgot her fashionable hat, the quiet elegance of her clothes.
  • Arrived in town, I repaired at once to the most fashionable publisher.
  • The Panama route subsequently became the usual and fashionable way to travel.
  • As you suggest, it is a fashionable view, but I think it is a fallacy.
  • Alan Chesney had a strong team for the fashionable gathering; and, as usual.
  • F. Thank heaven, I am still free from this fashionable mania.
  • She named the place--a fashionable restaurant up-town.

Definition of Fashionable

Characteristic of or influenced by a current popular trend or style. | Established or favoured by custom or use; current; prevailing at a particular time. | (archaic) genteel; well-bred
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