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  • His faith fastens itself on this sacrifice.
  • Love fastens its parasitical roots to all other feelings.
  • The soul then fastens upon absolute nothings.
  • John fastens his eyes hungrily upon the face he now sees.
  • It fastens upon a subject, and will not let it go.
  • As she walks back, kisses it and fastens it on her dress.
  • A bit of twine fastens him to his convict's stake.
  • The tool not only steadies the diamond, but fastens it in that direction.
  • She flings up her lovely arms, and fastens them behind her head.
  • Now she fastens her eyes on his face, he can almost feel her gaze.
  • After proving, the jiggerer fastens the pin, which closes up the breech.

How To Use Fastens In A Sentence?

  • Another thing to be noted about it is that it fastens upon the old rather than upon the young.
  • Now the world fastens upon that truth, and gets out of it a triumphant sarcasm against religion.
  • Anyhow, nobody ever locks anything down here, only fastens things up when the season is over.
  • If he makes a cup or a mug, he models a handle in clay and fastens it in place with slip.
  • The wish to laugh quits me suddenly, and instead, a profound chill fastens on my heart.
  • It is the love of combat which every man possesses that fastens the attention of the jury upon the progress of the trial.
  • She is quick with tongue and pen, but her quickness is so tempered by unquestioned friendliness that it fastens people to her as with a cord.
  • Sometimes a girdle fastens this skin round the waist, and over all is thrown a robe like that worn by the men.
  • The hook fastens into the ring of the snaffle, and they cannot well pass the strap over the head to turn it into a gag.
  • Unfortunately he does not succeed; he is in a sinking condition, and one of the whirligigs fastens voraciously upon his hind quarters.
  • And finally tires may get rim-cut, which means that the steel rim which fastens them on wears them through by rubbing.
  • She strings the seed-berries of roses together, making a scarlet necklace of them, which she fastens about her throat.
  • Watch the flashing of that great jewel which fastens the aigrette in his turban; it is probably worth anywhere about three thousand pounds.
  • Susanne takes Everet's violets from the water, and fastens them on her corsage.
  • Tolstoy fastens himself upon each newcomer politely, like a courteous leech, sucks him dry, and then writes.
  • Afterwards the father or another relation takes the hair and packs it into a little bag made of leaves, which he fastens to the top of a palm-tree.
  • And she smiled before she added, "A latigo is just the strap that fastens the cinch.
  • It is the laboured and learned effort of these days which fastens on the prior of Dendzu-in the tales of the long past founder of the temple.
  • It is constructed to fit the waist, has loops at both ends, passes once around the body, and fastens by a cord passing from one loop to the other.
  • Well pleased, the Masarwa re-strings his dice, fastens them about his neck, and hastens his preparations.
  • Every new hour finds a new charm, every new day calls for the louder praise, every added visit only fastens the chains of allurement deeper.
  • While Mime quietly mixes his potion, Siegfried fastens the hilt to his blade and polishes the sword.
  • Every inventor fastens his interest firmly on the unseen; and it entirely depends on the firmness of that attachment whether he is successful or whether he fails.
  • There is a dreary mournfulness in the scene which fastens on the mind, and is in unison with the time-worn mouldering fragments that are seen all around us.
  • Lovingly she embraces the cork ball, fondles it with her palpi, fastens it to her spinnerets and thenceforth drags it after her as though she were dragging her own bag.
  • The stamp is coated on the back with an adhesive gum, which securely fastens the stamp to the letter, by being slightly wet and pressed down with the finger.
  • At some distance from him on the ground lies a bone, which he longs to get; but the chain which fastens him, prevents his going near enough to seize it.
  • At the top of each bracket is an opening to receive this bolt and a thumbscrew (not shown in the cut, being behind the hammer) which fastens the action securely in position.

Definition of Fastens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fasten
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