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  • Pour off some of the fat in the pan and add a small quantity of milk to the broth remaining.
  • Brown the salt pork nicely and then drain off about one-half of the fat in the pan.
  • Now rub with shortening and dust with flour and brown in hot fat in a deep saucepan.
  • Manifestly, the amount of fat in the cream influences the apparent per cent of acidity.
  • The woodchuck hibernates, also, but he stores up fuel in the shape of fat in his own body.
  • He was low in the forehead, fat in the stomach, hoarse in the voice, and weak in the legs.
  • The host persisted in offering me the daintiest lumps of fat in his fingers; and I accepted them.
  • They put fat in the kraal a second time, and appointed the muishond (ingaga) to keep the gate.
  • Now mince One onion and one tomato fine and place four tablespoons of fat in a frying pan.
  • This is the result of a winter's feeding on nothing but bear's meat and fat in an Arctic climate.
  • To clarify fat: Put the fat in a saucepan and add one cupful of cold water to every pound of fat.
  • In Columbus, Ohio, the fat in the garbage was almost 50 per cent less in 1917 than in 1916.
  • The earliest sign of approaching puberty is a deposit of fat in the loose cellular tissue under the skin.
  • At present the total amount of fat in the diet is increased somewhat by the allowance of bacon and ham.
  • It seemed so very odd that a man should take the trouble to shave himself with a piece of fat in such a place and in our circumstances.
  • Chop fine sufficient onions to measure one cup and then place two tablespoons of fat in a frying pan.

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  • Cream is often spoken of as if it were the fat in milk.
  • You grip it and be like fat in lavender.
  • By increasing the fat in the milk before dilution.
  • Treat the pork fat in a similar manner.
  • Talk about all the fat in the fire, and me with it.
  • Once he learned that, there was the fat in the fire.
  • On what does the percentage of fat in top-milk depend?
  • Here the small amount of fat in the kernel is stored.
  • Meat is fried by cooking it in lard or other fat in a pan.
  • Fat in plants, 64.
  • The amount of fat in city garbage has gone down all over the country.
  • Naturally the cat was now out of the bag, and the fat in the fire.
  • We craved vegetables in summer as keenly as we had craved fat in winter.
  • Once upon a time the animals made a kraal and put some fat in it.
  • Place four tablespoons of fat in a frying pan and add onions and liver.
  • It is needed for the production of heat, and to make fat in the body.
  • Horses winter out, and are round-carcased, and fat in spring.
  • We would not willingly speak of a person being "fat" in his presence.
  • The Babcock test is a test for determining the butter fat in milk.
  • Moses grew fat in his dungeon, at which Jethro was quite astonished.
  • Umbris#: 'fat' in every sense, in figure, in fortune, and in wit.
  • The pan is hot, the pan is cold; Is the fat in the pan nine days old?
  • He killed an officer who said the curry had pig's fat in it.
  • Isom's beasts wallowed in plenty and grew fat in the liberality of his hand.
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