Fatalistic In A Sentence

Definition of Fatalistic

Of or pertaining to fatalism. | Submissive to fate.

How To Use Fatalistic In A Sentence?

  • To insist upon the power of heredity was once considered to indicate a fatalistic pessimism.
  • Perhaps something in this fatalistic air, this stupid acceptance of authority had numbed her.
  • The Egyptians, in spite of their fatalistic creed, manifested profound depression.
  • This fatalistic view he had laid before his wife with some detail, at once explaining and defending his position.
  • True enough, nothing is more abhorrent or more deadly to the striving soul of man than to be bound in a fatalistic doctrine.
  • Generally, however, he infused his own courage into all who served under him with a touch, perhaps, of his own fatalistic mysticism.
  • I sat down too, and argued with them, putting my fatalistic views before them as well as I was able.
  • Yet the very fact that I lived yielded me fresh confidence, a fatalistic belief that my life had thus been spared for a specific purpose.
  • Could any blundering Sultan in the fatalistic East have put things together for them with more utter contempt of fitness?
  • But we had learned our lesson between Tangier and Rabat, and were able to produce a fair imitation of the fatalistic smile of the country.
  • The first was the ex-conspirator, the fatalistic dreamer, who thought himself called to govern France, and through it to dominate Europe.
  • It was a hard and tragic problem, and long after the fatalistic Brig had gone to sleep, Bowles lay awake and tried to find a way out.
  • The funereal ideas they are turning over in their minds appear upon their foreheads in gray and cloudy tints, their smile has something fatalistic in it, their motions are solemn.
  • While an a priori argument based on a fatalistic formula as to how a "capitalistic nation" must conduct itself does not appeal to me, there are nevertheless concrete facts which are suggested by that formula.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fatalistic | Fatalistic Sentence

  • A fatalistic spirit is developed.
  • I await it, absorbed in fatalistic reflection.
  • He knew not what fatalistic curiosity prompted the question.
  • Gilgamesh did not accept the counsel of the fatalistic sea lady.
  • So he had the old fatalistic attitude to his circumstances, even to his food.
  • Even the doctor, who accepted him with fatalistic calm, confessed alarm.
  • Many coincidences, on the other hand, admit of a less fatalistic explanation.

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