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How To Use Fate In A Sentence?

  • He had given up hope and endeavoured to resign himself to the fate awaiting him.
  • I recollected the fate of the poor girl in the story, and trembled for her safety.
  • What was her real fate nobody knows, in consequence of so many pretending to know.
  • It had amused him rather to keep that "friend" in the dark about the fate of his assistant.
  • Captain Griffiths abandoned himself to fate with a little shiver of complacency.
  • Then fate stepped in, the scene was changed, and Bowles found himself a man again.
  • He had been notified that his own life depended upon the fate of a person held in federal hands as a spy.
  • Death was merciful, freeing her from the evil fate that threatened, for she was at the end of everything.
  • If we are to be saved from an insupportable fate only by such means, our condition must indeed be one of forlorn hopelessness.
  • For the first time she understood that the innumerable and intricate divisions of human fate are woven into a single tremendous design.
  • I therefore experienced the fate of a spoiled child in such situation, and was neglected or noticed only to be crossed and contradicted.
  • Then she became conscious of the deep voice of Fate ringing through the gloom in threatening tones.
  • London was not the labyrinth that it has since become, and if any criminal of note forsook it for the provinces, his fate was almost certain.
  • I suppose if he had broken his own neck, he would have met the unalterable decree of fate with the same stern, calm look.
  • Now, however, according to the fate which usually overtakes books for children, nearly all of them are forgotten or unknown.
  • They were equidistant from the two vessels, neither of which was to be seen, the rain fell fast into the hissing brine, their fate still uncertain.
  • But if the scheme of Edwards be true, the descendants of Adam did not have their fate in their own hands.
  • When told of his fate she was horrified, and in the early morning she sought Strachan to plead for his life, but was rudely repulsed.
  • At that moment the fate of two men was in the hands of two angels, and the fate of those two men was one with the fate of Transylvania.
  • Still Bruno would have rushed to his fate if Lawrence had not struck him a sharp rap over the nose with the burning brand.
  • A guffaw greeted this allusion to the fate of poor old Tom; but Brigham was not to be downed by comparisons.
  • Leaving his house to what fate might befall it, he started westward with Brant and a force of Indians and white men.
  • I underwent a fourth operation on the 27th of February, and possibly fate may compel me to submit to this a fifth time, and perhaps oftener.
  • It had furnished three of us with good entertainment, and in being removed from the book by me it was only suffering the fate originally intended for it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fate | Fate Sentence

  • At first fate seemed to be against him.
  • As it was, fate favored him.
  • To Andre this fate was very hard.
  • Such and so early was the fate of the gallant Perry.
  • She turned to our bright Fate and spoke.
  • That night Fate told the North Wind the story of his child.
  • He looked his fate in the face with the calmness of despair.
  • As time passed, he had noted in the margin of the paper the fate of each man.
  • It is the fate of many a town, as of many a nation, to rise from the dead.
  • It was the sort of challenge to which Fate is apt to give attentive ear.
  • I cannot tell you how much I dread the crisis of my fate so near at hand!
  • If captured with them, Mark well knew what his fate would be.
  • Let every man's fate kill him, or God who made him.
  • But oh, the blessing I implore Not fate itself can give!
  • The fate of the joke was not decided until two o'clock in the morning.

Definition of Fate

(transitive) To foreordain or predetermine, to make inevitable. | The presumed cause, force, principle, or divine will that predetermines events. | The effect, consequence, outcome, or inevitable events predetermined by this cause.
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