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  • It was fated they were not to escape.
  • But it was fated otherwise.
  • Was it fated to be his refuge too?
  • But this was fated to be a day of interruptions.
  • Florent was fated to revert to politics.
  • Then comes the fated night.
  • Arkady was fated to meet with surprises that day.
  • Was he not fated to work their common ruin?
  • Always he was fated to climb down out of the clouds first.
  • He seems fated to work me harm.
  • This fated evening was an ugly one.
  • The day was fated to be one of unpleasant surprises.
  • That man was fated to annihilate me in every way.
  • Lest fated to my fate you be, as to my name.
  • It seemed as if the tea-hour were a fated one.
  • This craft seemed to have been fated to enter his life.
  • But he was fated to suffer many minor shocks that day.
  • His death will be mine; but what is fated we cannot avoid.
  • On this evening every thing seemed fated to go wrong.
  • Dick, however, was not fated to study much.
  • His prognostic, however, was fated to be contradicted.
  • Why should we, fated to be friends, always be divided?
  • It was fated that he and Lawrence should never meet again.
  • This bold enterprise, however, was fated to miscarry.
  • Perry seemed fated to be a humiliation to Evan.
  • The tragedies of the fated Atrides, what were they to his?
  • But it was fated that I should not be, not yet.
  • It seemed fated that he should lock horns with Blake.
  • I was not fated to get back to Flora so easily!
  • William Tyrwhitt, that fated man, did otherwise.
  • The joyful Bear Creek was fated to meet with check.
  • At Hamburg, I was fated to meet with disappointment.
  • Chapter X Next day was fated to bring a great event.
  • Everything is smothered in the litter that is fated to accompany it.
  • It seemed fated that circumstances should array themselves against me.
  • He cannot get the thought of the fated murder out of his mind.
  • It was the fated creature's ruin.
  • December was fated to hold for him another startling anticlimax.
  • Have you not seen tonight that we are fated for one another?

How To Use Fated In A Sentence?

  • It was fated that this day we were to be honoured by peculiar company at our dinner.

Definition of Fated

Foreordained, predetermined, established in advance by fate. | (rare) simple past tense and past participle of fate
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