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  • But the whole turn-out was faultlessly clean.
  • A gentleman faultlessly gloved cannot go far wrong.
  • The orchestra played their tone-poem faultlessly as to notes.
  • He was faultlessly dressed, and he looked calm and dignified.
  • The furnishing was of the scantiest, but everything faultlessly neat.

How To Use Faultlessly In A Sentence?

  • She may be faultlessly beautiful and exquisitely dressed, he is accustomed to it, and it strikes him no more.
  • A passing group attracted his attention, two faultlessly dressed gentlemen and a radiantly expensive lady.
  • Haldane turned and saw two young men standing conveniently near, who were dressed faultlessly in the style of the day.
  • The finely chiselled lips, too faultlessly perfect at any time to be warmly womanly, were suddenly hard.
  • His face was fine, even handsome, but indicating about as much purpose as did his faultlessly correct shoes.
  • She perceived, from a distinct advantage over him in height, how faultlessly handsome he was in a quiet, unmagnetic way.
  • The head was large, but faultlessly proportioned, and the thick black hair, cut short and clinging to the temples, added to its massiveness.
  • Spirals occur that bewilder the eye, yet are so faultlessly perfect that only the magnifying-glass brings out the incredible accuracy of the drawing.
  • The brilliant woman shot one sweeping glance out of her expressive eyes at the gentleman and then extended her faultlessly gloved hand to him in cordial greeting.
  • The area of that was perfectly beautiful, every unsightly object having been removed, while the fences and the tillage were faultlessly neat and regular.
  • Mrs. Herne's Dorothy was a fitting companion piece, faultlessly true, and sweet, and natural.
  • An operation, however splendidly conceived and faultlessly executed, involves waste of effort if directed with relation to wrong physical objectives.
  • Her hands were faultlessly gloved, her feet incased in costly imported boots, and everything about her apparel bespoke her a favorite of wealth and luxury.
  • The next morning, faultlessly dressed, with carnations in his buttonhole, he composed himself in his pleasant oak-furnished room to await his first batch of callers.

Definition of Faultlessly

In a faultless manner
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